Is Trestman the GOAT?

He has been a head coach for 6 CFL seasons, 3 Grey Cups, and 2 COTY awards.

He brought Toronto back from a pretty dismal couple of seasons and wins a Cup in just one season.

He's got to be in the conversation as GOAT.

He's up there with Campbell, Wally, Matthews some would put Huff in that group too. I suspect Ricky Ray will stay and this team will be even better next year. Most of their players are signed through 2018.Working with Two HOF QB's and a HOF GM helps too :slight_smile:

Does that mean Popp is the greatest GM of all time?

Again, he's in the conversation with Campbell and Buono. His time was done in Montreal but I'm happy for Jim, really happy.

Popp as GM has 5 Grey Cup rings. Is there a GM who has more?

Trestman can easily coach another 10 years. Bouno's and Mathews' record of 5 Grey Cups as HC is not safe...

He is in the top-10 for sure. Possibly top-5.