I hope this is wrong and nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumour, but TSN reported how Coach T plus Mike Shanahan were in the mix for the Bills job.
First and NFL aside, I doubt anyone would leave a class orginization like the Als for the decrepit Bills.
Plus Marc has one more year on his contract and the Als have already gone on record they would not let him out.

There is one reason:


They have to let him out. Maybe not legally/contractually, but they still have to.

Trestman came to the Als/CFL to reinvent himself as a head coach after he became type-cast as a QB coach or OC. If the Als force him to stay, other talented coaches/coordinators won't come north of the border. They'll stay in the NFL and wait their turn for a HC job.

Successful organizations do not force employees to pass up good opportunities outside the organization.

Popp/Wettenhall had to pay lip service to keeping him in town at all costs. He's a great coach and the Als are winning. They can't say to the fans and corporate sponsors "Our wonderful, successful, winning head coach Marc Trestman can leave whenever he wants to"

They'd get hanged in effigy.

If he does leave his new employer could simply buy out his contract. If enough was offered I'm sure any team would accept that.

And that reason talks VERY loudly!

Football Tonight on ESPN radio just repeated the Marc Trestman rumor.

All the best to Marc Trestman. In sports, take the $$$$$$$$$$ and run, you can be in one day and out the next as a coach, you have to go where the money is and the NFL pays big bucks. The key is he again demonstrated respect for the CFL even if he leaves coming here and saying the CFL is an excellent league. I always find it funny when someone says the CFL is bush this or that. Why then do excellent American players come here in the first place if it might put a "bush" tag or label on them forever? Just dumb logic.

Trestman is a great coach, but I think he`s the exception to the rule. Usually you need to hire a coach who has paid his dues in the CFL before becoming head coach.

If he leaves, wish him the best, but he certainly is a unique CFL coach..

Following perhaps in the footsteps of Marv Levy.

He definitely is, much the good fortune of the Alouettes club to be fortunate enough to have such a coach.

who should coach the als next if he does leave?

First , the NFL and CFL honor each other's contracts, so there is zero chance of the Bills even talking to Trestman or his agent without the permission of the Alouettes and that is going to be a very expensive proposition. I figure anywhere from 3 to 5 million.

The als have never blocked one of their coaches from pursuing other opportunities just look at the huge turnover rate the als have had at their assisstant coaching positions. Most of these guys were not fired they left to pursue either head coaching jobs (ex. Berry) or with teams that they felt they had a better chance of becoming a HC (ex. jones, bellefeuille) but the als never blocked anyone from talking to their staff. The coach needs to think about himself first in this situation and it would not surprise me if he takes the job with the Bills if it is offered to him. I think the als would ask for a substantial amount of money to let Trestman go but substantial for a CFL owner is pocket change for an NFL owner.

If Trestman does take the NFL job is if it offered to him Id like the als to seriously consider either Tim Burke or Scott Milanovich for the alouettes coaching job with the other given full control over the part of the team he runs right now. This way there will be some continuity within the organization and I suspect that if the als dont offer the job to one of them they too might get some good offers in the off season. I think Milanovich might be the front runner of the 2 right now because the als list him as the assistant head coach. The idea being that if Trestman leaves it wasnt because he was fired and that ideally the new coach continues to build upon what he started here and what better way than to promote one of his coordinators

Jim Popp!

Let's not all get ahead of ourselves here. The Bills are also looking at Mike Shanahan, Jim Haslett and Kevin Gilbride.

Here is the link on WGR 550 (Buffalo's sports station)

[url=] ... an/5707048[/url]

sportsnet is reporting shanahan is the front runner.

It isn't about honouring contracts or compensation. Coaches leave teams before the end of their contract all the time (firings and retirements) and sometimes they go directly to another organization. Jon Gruden went from Oakland to TB for draft picks and cash. Brent Sutter just resigned from from the Devils for "personal reasons" and then became Calgary's head coach for nothing.

I'll say it again, successful organizations do not force employees to pass up good opportunities outside the organization. And the Als are a successful organization. Of course they'll try to get something for him, but if they get nothing, they get nothing.

Would a football team want to keep a HC against his will? I don't think so.

A recent example of a team leaving a coach pursue other avenues while still under contract is the Riders and Kent Austin. After one year as head coach he gets the job as OC for Ole Miss and he's gone. I didn't like it but as others have said - in order to attract quality people you have to allow them the option to pursue positions which open up and may not be available again. Kudos to Marc Trestman I think he is the best head coach in the CFL and I think the Bills would be a much improved team with Trestman as HC. Who knows even if he gets the job he may once again be a head coach in Canada before too long.



I have no problem with this,the Bill's are my favourite NFL team.Trestman deserve's the chance to make more money, don't we all want a raise at our respective jobs?For the record though I don't think Trestman would be doing so fantastic with another team.When you've got a team that's pretty much perfect in every aspect it's pretty tough not to win.And the Bill's are nowhere near perfect in evey aspect unfortunately.