Is Tony Gabriel Destitute?

He sold most of his CFL jerseys and collectables for a minicule 11K.
Does he not have kids or nephews that would enjoy keeping them?
Pretty sad if he did this because he was broke.
I noticed he never had his Grey Cup ring up for sale. Maybe he could not part with that... Maybe he already sold it.

[url=] ... emorabilia[/url]

No he isn't. He's a VP with a very reputable company, just time to move on he says... ... story.html

Not something I would do but I'm not him.

Your link doesn't work.

I think athletes view this stuff far differently than fans do. In ways, to us, it's a bigger deal.

I don't mean something like a Grey Cup ring, but stuff like game worn jerseys. To Tony Gabriel, it's just one of many shirts he wore to work, you know?

I suppose so CRF. :?

Still, you think he'd want to save a few things for his family? I'd think they care! :expressionless:

What he really should have done is call the Hunt group and asked if they were interested in buying his collection. Would have been beautifull stuff to frame and hang in the entrance of the new building,

He did. He didn't throw everything up for auction, only some items that he felt he could part with.

Why didn't he donate the memorabilia the CFL Hall of Fame? I'm sure the fans would enjoy seeing all that stuff.. instead it will go to a private collection.

because the CFL refuses to fund the Hall of Fame…and thus the hall is tettering on bankruptcy…thus the Hall would not be able to offer anywhere near 11K for his stuff.
I have heard that the hall is so run down that it is now an embarrasement to the league.
The CFL has doubled it’s revenues over the last five years and pays idiots like Bart Andreus 500K per season but is too cheap to properly fund the HOF… SAD

Hopefully the Hall will find a new home in a CFL stadium soon, would be much better than tucked away in downtown Hamilton where it's difficult to see or find.

Maybe he did or has in the past.

The CFL HoF should be a rotating exhibit. It should be in a different CFL city every couple of years.