Is tonight the biggest night in Toronto sports history?

What a day to be a sports fan of Toronto teams!

If it isn't the biggest night in Toronto it is certainly one of the biggest ever.

It’s arguably the biggest night in Toronto sports history.

Five of our teams are in action — four of the games are in a playoff matchup — and Maple Leaf Square will be the place to be, as it hosts a giant tailgate party.

The Raptors get the big screen treatment because they’re taking on the Washington Wizards in Game 5 at the Air Canada Centre.

But extra screens are being set up at Bremner Boulevard at York Street so hockey fans can watch as the Maple Leafs take on the Bruins in Boston in Game 7.

To make sure soccer fans don’t feel left out, the square will also be showing Toronto FC in their CONCACAF Finals matchup against Chivas Guadalajara. Since the game starts at 9:30 p.m., TFC may get the big screen treatment once the Raptors game is done.

“This is a big night for the Maple Leafs, Raptors and TFC; for our fans and for our city,? Nick Eaves, chief venues and operations officer at MLSE, said in a statement.

“This is a logistical challenge that we are thrilled to face and an experience that we are excited to deliver for our fans. As always, we are thankful to our partners at the City of Toronto and Toronto Police Service for their help delivering a safe and positive event for our fans to celebrate our teams and our city.?

Blue Jays fans walking to Rogers Centre for the game against the Red Sox can stop and check things out.
And if that wasn’t enough sports for you, the Toronto Marlies are also trying to wrap up their AHL series Wednesday night.

So if you don’t have five screens at your home and don’t mind a little rain, head on down to the square. It opens up to fans around 5 p.m.

Win or lose, must be the biggest revenue day or week in MLSE history. Whew.

Go Leafs!

Yup...I'd say so.
The city does seem to wear these super events well too.

Raptors, FC... meh
Blue Jays... I would like to see them win, but I hope the 'Spos come back soon
Maple Leafs... only team I'd to see lose... overrated, and by a lot

Who I hope loses :

TFC, Jays

Who I am indifferent to :

Raptors - are they in the plaoyffs?? ???

Who I hope wins :


Here's hopeing that they all lose!!!

works for me

I’d love to see all of the Toronto teams win tonight, but TFC is going to be in tough in Mexico. Chivas will park the bus and it’s going to be extremely difficult for Toronto to score the two goals needed.

I’ve got a great feeling about the Leafs and Raptors though :slight_smile:

I usually hate the Leafs but Marner has made me a fan.

How about this...

Marner has a GREAT game, Leafs win, and Matthews shoulder is nailed by Chara - making him questionable for the Fall.

Now THAT is a win-win. :wink:

Hoping for someone to get injured is disturbing. Please, seek help.

Bang on.
You forgot the Reds as they call them, 2 and out in Mexico.
Making a nice 0-4.
Here is hoping.

I did. The psychiatrist wants Chara to nail Matthews, too.

1 period in, just got home from swimming, and Leafs are losing 3 - 2. Matthews, as usual, has done NOTHING.

Win #1 in the books as the Raps take a 3-2 series lead over Washington. Delon Wright had a great game for the Raptors, really stepping up with Fred Van Vleet out.

Edit: 1 for 3 now. The Jays lost, and the Leafs just couldn't get it done against Boston, despite leading going into the 3rd period.

Toronto FC up 2 - 1 at halftime in tonight’s game so now tied on aggregate. Can they pull it out?

Leafs just didn’t show up in the third period tonight.

Brilliant last 4 minutes for the Raps turning a one point game to a 10 point win to go up 3 - 2 in the series.

Marlies lost their playoff game too.

Damn. Memories of the 2016 MLS Cup as TFC loses on penalties.

The Delgado miss in stoppage time will haunt him for a long, long time.

That's a shame. :slight_smile:

Yup. A heartbreaking loss in penalty kicks for injury riddled TFC finishes a rough day for Toronto sports fans.

Let's Go Raptors! the only cheer being heard in the big smoke after the results of the five games tonight.

I feel just awful. :slight_smile:

Lots of positives to take from tonight though. The Leafs are well ahead of where anyone could have reasonably expected their rebuild to be at this point in time. TFC has shown they can compete with the top teams in Mexico. The Raptors look set to wrap up this series in Washington later this week, and the Jays are having their best April in several years.

Hard to feel sorry for Toronto fans...

First, the Leafs blew it.

Second, they turned their backs on the Jays, 1 year out of a playoff spot.

Third, the TFC suck.

That's a shame. :slight_smile: