Is Tom Wright about to get the boot?

Yikes. The Globe and Mail reports this morning that while comissioner Tom Wright is in vacations, the CFL governors will hold a meeting to decide of his future. It is said a lot of owners are so unsatisfied with the Renegades situation that they’d kick him out right away.

Wright needs to get 7 favourable votes out of 9 to get his contract renewed. But the paper said only the Roughriders, BlueBombers and Stampeders are sure to show him confidence. The Eskimos, Ticats, Lions and Alouettes would vote against.

I totally disagree about firing Wright. The CFL has never been this healthy in the past decades. Wright made good moves (and, no, he’s not the one who designed the new jerseys!)

The sad thing is the four owners who want him out are the richest and are the ones who don’t give a crap whether there is a salary cap or not (which is what sent the Rens in turmoil).

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Looks like we posted this at the same time 3rd&10. I’m totally in agreement with you though…Wright is the best commish this league has seen in a long, long time.

While I would agree that Tom Wright has done good things for the CFL with the business community and such, perhaps some of the owners believe he is not progressive enough on certain issues like the salary cap. The league seems to be getting divided with some owners who are rich with a free-market outlook and have a different mentality than the community owned teams. Neither is right or wrong. It is the commissioner’s job to try and reach a balance between the different ownership structures in the league and if he can’t do that, well, then maybe something should happen. It is a more difficult job than in the NFL where with the huge TV contracts, anyone could run the league. The CFL is a more difficult challenge, I believe, as there is more pressure on owners to work hard to market and promote their teams.

I personally like Tom Wright, at least the way he comes across in the media, but I am a noboby and not a businessman. The CFL is first and foremost a business, it is not a social service agency or necessarily a cultural identity organization, and I think people should understand that.

Your a smart nobody… :lol: :smiley:

The anger about the salary cap issue is from the people who lost…
Sure , you should have a control on a teams speding , but if you mis mangage your own finances…then how is that WRIGHT’S fault?

Just look at the NHL.

All CFL teams have been in trouble at some point and were help by the rest of the league.It is the nature of a nine team league. The problems are more obvious , but this has happened in all PRO leagues.Some leagues are better at hiding their problems.

Nonetheless, the tough thing when managing a league is getting the players and owners to accept a salary-cap… Then enforcing it should be the easiest part, because you don’t have to get anyone’s permission to apply the rule.

How is it then that everything goes backward here? The salary cap existed for years… but no one cares. This is beyond my comprehension. But hey, maybe I’m not a smart nobody enough! :smiley:

No you are smart , but WRIGHT can’t tell the owners what to do…OR they will fire him. :lol:

Tom Wright for me is tolerable, I guess. But he has no pizazz and doesn’t know how to handle the owners about the salary cap. Also I don’t like the way he has handled expansion. They are going at a snails pace and he only has considered Halifax with Quebec City the obvious choice to me.

In fainess on expansion…You have to make sure you have solid ownership in place otherwise we’ll have another Ottawa. I’d love to see expansion to 10 teams, but it has to be done right.

I’m saddened that Guys like Braley Campbell, etc can’t see the big picture. You are only as good as your weakest partner. Ottawa needs to be fixed. But at whose expense? You have to balance things off. Wright has taken the league and has found businesses willing to invest and promote. Look where we were years ago.

It makes no sense what so ever to replace him. Who do they have that is better, waiting in the wings? Garry Bettman? God help us!

It would be good to see a commish around for more then just a couple of years. The bottom line is that Wright has done a good job.

Personally, I think Wright has done a good job. Lots of new business opportunities and partnerships, huge increases in merchandising, etc. Plus, he actually looks like a commissioner - professional, well-spoken.

It is very likely that some owners are not completely pleased with Wright, as you just can’t please all the people all the time. However, these owners/governors need to give the guy a chance. Let him show what he can do over the course of at least 4-6 years, then re-evaluate.

From the fans’ standpoint (or, at least this fan), what the CFL needs is a little continuity. Especially after the Lysko fiasco. There are enough re-occuring problems in the league already. The CFL just can’t afford a revolving door management team.

So, let the guy do his job for at least a couple years, and get some real salary controls in place.

Als_Molson, the CFL has been trying to get a team in the Maritimes for about 25 years. You don’t compromise such a diffcult birth by making it an odd team. When there were 9 teams, it was obvious a 10th would be needed. But then, the eleventh will create the need for a twelveth (is that a word?)

So when you’ll ask the league to become the 11th franchise, your case will need to be solid as hell because the league knows there aren’t a 12th (looks better with numbers) market yet in Canada, which gives that future bid all the chances in the world to be rejected.

So if you don’t go for Halifax now that it would even the league to 10, you may never get there. Don’t worry. Quebec City has better chances of building a though case to become the 11th piece of the puzzle (or the new 10th shall Ottawa fold again) than Halifax does.

(On an unrelated note: In your face Horus!)