Is Tillman an option for the Riders.

There has been discussions on some media, talking about the possibility of Eric Tillman coming back to the Riders.

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This has also been discussed in the Rider forum.

What I wonder is that bearing in mind there were a lot of Rider fans on this site that condemned the Eskimos for hiring Tillman. What is their thoughts on the possibility. Has enough water passed under the bridge for this to be possible. Can Riders fans forgive and forget (who would have thought a certain place kicker would be back in green)?

I heard Troy Westwood talking on TSN 1290's "The Big Show" yesterday. He says a "reliable inside source" at the Rider organization told him there's no way Tillman can ever come back. Westwood had no other details beyond that to offer publicly. Which makes me think that whatever Tillman did is so horrible that the whole "truth" can never be divulged ... or that Tillman is definitely on the negotiation list!

I gotta agree. It would just be to awkward for everyone involved, including his family. I would be O.K. with it but the few that can't let it go, and no disrespect to them, I just don't think it would be a comfortable situation.

,Given that he and his family still live in Regina, I don't see it being a problem. If there truly was "community outrage", then surely they would have moved.

Personally, I wouldnt mind seeing him back.

He is not an option. NO!

No way!! The guy destroyed my team and the Riders deserve better than that. Time to say good riddance.

Riders would have to be nuts to bring back Tillman after the way he played the organization for over a year. The man who traded friggin Ricky Ray for a bag of nails! Tillman's only successes have been tied to Austin. Riders can afford almost any manager in pro football. They should aim higher and Tillman should stick close to Austin's knickers.

Although Esks fans are bitter about that trade, it was a wise move. Tillman couldn't build up an o-line fast enough to address the punishment RR started experiencing in Edmonton. Even with a OK line in front of him in TO he just can't take the licks anymore and has been sitting on the injured list just as much as playing. Had he stayed in Edmonton, he probably would have retired before Edmonton turned their game around due to the abuse he was taking.

Think he just needs to complete this and he should be good ! :smiley:

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Tillman was a good gm when he was here, just question why you would bring a guy back who left in the circumstances he did.

I wish we had TSN radio here. Listen to it when I'm at home but that is rare. Good show! Would like to see the Big Show guys on the TV show every now and then. It would be a refreshing change from the fashion show they have on game days. They should at the very least have Westwood on for Winnipeg games, get tired of hearing about Stegall's catch. It happened, it's over, the Bombers beat the Eskimo's. Did he not make any other catches in his career?

You can get TSN radio on your cell phone or computer. We are very lucky in Winnipeg , we have two stations that cover and talk CFL all the time .

I realize that and listen to it when I can, unfortunately I have a job with a company that frowns on listening to the radio or computer while I am supposed to be working. On days like today when I am on night shift, I do like to listen to the Big Show.

Did OK ? He won a Grey Cup. That's more than OK. QB's get injured. Durant has missed more time than Ricky. Reilly about the same.

Then there is the Brody Mcknight trade.

Then there is the pay cut Ray took 100k the year before. ZERO of it went into protecting him.

Tillman tries to cheat the system by underpaying at the QB position to outbid other GM's at the other positions. He's not a great GM. Again the only place he's had success is with Austin because Austin does not let him run over him. Austin paid for Collaros and he paid for Bomben. That's not Tillman, that's Austin.

Yes he did, that first year and that was with a team that had an o-line. He would have had a snowballs chance in hell winning a cup in 2012 with Edmonton. He would have been lucky to just survive it.

Then there is the pay cut Ray took 100k the year before. ZERO of it went into protecting him.
100k doesn't go far in replacing an entire o-line. It may have gathered him one or maybe two quality replacements which still would have left holes and if either went down (which can happen when you have a couple good ones trying to shore up the others) they still would have been screwed.
Tillman tries to cheat the system by underpaying at the QB position to outbid other GM's at the other positions. He's not a great GM.
You say "cheat", I say smart. If a GM can get his QB for a 100k less and put that into other positions, all the more power to him. He still has his QB and has resources to shore up elsewhere.

If you remember, Tillman also asked Joseph to take a cut and he did, that brought them the championship that year.

Tillman's best asset is finding new talent.
He is out of his depth running the show.


Its obvious you want to carry his water...Tillman's been in the league since the Montreal Concordes and has very little success when you consider he's been in the CFL for 30 years.

Tillman would bomb big time if he went back to the Riders, unless he can take Austin with him and I don'ts see that happening ever.

His teams have won more cups than the Esks in the last 21 years. :wink:

He has also brought in and signed a crap load of all star players over the years.

I think you are biased that he couldn't turn your team around with it being so dismantled by previous administrations.

Hey there cfleskfan: Like you, I don't actually get the radio broadcast where I live, so I download podcasts of the ones I like, and then listen to them when I have the time on my MP3 player or iPod. I'm an old sonuvagun so I'm not really "up" on all the new technology but I did manage to figure out what I need to do (with a little help from the kids). If you visit iTunes and go to the sports section you can get all kind of podcasts including The Big Show. You just "subscribe" to them (free of charge) and download. Or you can go online and find the website of sports shows you like. They usually have podcasts available. Hope this helps.

Nope, Polarizing, manipulative and prone to acts of insanity/grandeur, whichever you want to call it. Again with the exception of Saskatchewan that just needed a HC, QB and a couple parts, every team he ran, he left in worst shape than he took, His work in Edmonton was spectacularly BAD. Riders can afford and need better. I won't even get into the whole sexual assault and self admitted drug addiction that happened wile he was with the Riders.