Is this your car?

I walked by Hamilton city hall Friday morning and saw this car. I thought it was pretty cool especially considering it's a mercedes. Has anyone else seen this car? Does anyone know the person who owns it? I'm not looking for a name or anything, just to know who would do this to their VERY expensive vehicle.

Well I can tell you it isn’t my car, but it is pretty cool. I particularly like the hood mural.

Got me thinking that would make a great tattoo.

Could it possibly belong to Pigskin Pete?

I saw the car from the TiCat shuttle bus last game and I seem to remember seeing Pete's name on the driver-side rear panel.

Unless it was there simply as a tribute to his contribution to the TiCat experience.

I was also impressed to see a Mercedes painted up that way.

There's a bunch of videos featuring the car on Chris Ecklund's youtube page, where he calls it the Tiger Tank.

Maybe it's his.