Is this why Rider Q's bolt?

I think it has more to do with the fact that SK has been the team that has scouted a lot more quality QB's of late. You could take all of your comments/questions about Rider QB's and turn that on Edmonton of the 80's and 90's. Moon, Dunnigan, Allen, Hamm, Archer, Bell, McManus, Greene... why did all of those QB's move on from there? Other opportunities. That's all.

I just think you're manufacturing controversy where there isn't any.

not trying to create a controversy sheep. just my opinion.

could be a fair comparison to Edmonton although most didn’t choose to leave as has been the case in sask particularly with Austin,Burgess, Burris, -your only qb’s of note in Regina.

Moon was contractually promised to be allowed to go to the NFL, Dunnigan was traded to BC in a 6-1 trade and they wanted Allen to be their guy. Later Ham beat out Allen and they let Allen go after a dreadful year and a contract was not offered etc. Allen did come back in the 90’s however.While Edmonton has had a glut , Regina has ad a drought.

Again I’m hopeful that the fan base stay positive to Durant and don’t help him leave WHEN he struggles. He’s elite.

I preferred your earlier post, the one that said "this has run its course."

Promise…no more from me on this.
sorry…I forgot my earlier statement.

I’ll give this post a big fat AMEN.

stanthefan's comments are right on...and any quarterback who is not mentally tough enough to deal with what he would generally have to deal with here shouldn't be playing at the pro level...