Is this why Rider Q's bolt?

Given the ridiculous comments about Durant shortcomings in recent weeks and now reversals I’m wondering if this is why Sask can’t seem to keep good QB’s. You loved Lancaster 40 years ago but since then?

I think it is because in the past we have refused to pay them.

That would be Burris' take, for sure. Prior to the Shivers era, when we actually had some serious revenues and the BOG opened up some purse strings, I think the statement would be more "I think it is because in the past we couldn't pay them."

hmmmm…money is the easiest most comfortable reason but what about reports that past players have stated they and family members felt somewhat unsafe in the area when things went badly for them or the team? Do you buy that possibility or is it just random complaints?

Joseph didnt get paid either when he should have

Never heard of such a thing, a part from the McCallum incident which, contrary to what many fans of other teams want to believe, was roundly and forcefully condemned by Rider Nation. I'm not trying to play "in denial", but do you have concrete examples of these (player names) even if you can't back it up with a link? I am curious now.

Yep, there is another, although the second half of your phrase would be debated by some. He would definitely have stayed had he been shown more coin - he really didn’t want to leave.

well you would know more than I as I don’t live there. Probably urban myths. That’s why I posed the question, not stating a fact. There were stories floating about that Austin left as QB for that reason especially due to his wife’s concern. But again perhaps untrue as are the rumours of why Burris left . From the outside looking in it just seems that the faithful are very tough when things go poorly. But if you don’t see it then it’s probably not there. I guess my hopes are that the perceived negativity doesn’t create a necessity that Durant bolt at first opportunity.

I never thought of Austin. I suppose that there was an element of "wrong place" for him, or more particularly his wife as you point out. I think she was more of a big city girl and Regina was too small for her ... you know, the fishbowl thing, sometimes hard for some to adjust to so that might be in line with what you were referring to. I don't recall it being fear for their security or property but maybe there was an element of that, I can't say. What I do know is that when they came back to Regina to coach, she was in a much different headspace and wanted to be in a smaller community to raise their kids, etc.

I think the biggest slap in the face was when David Archer retired rather then joining the team after the Riders drafted him.

I don't think players fear for their safety here, I mean McCallum still calls Regina home and has an off season job despite the incident that happened to him.

Part of the reason that it might be uneasy is that it's much more difficult to go somewhere without being noticed in Regina. A CFL player might be able to go about their business in relative anonymity in a place even like Edmonton or Calgary which are good football markets. The closest thing to Regina is probably Winnipeg for the fishbowl atmosphere, but even Winnipeg is 3 times the size.

I don't buy it. This is exactly what hockey players deal with in every Canadian market. It's what NFL players deal with in the USA. Why is it a negative when it's CFL in Regina, but just a fact of life in all of those other situations? Plus...I'd hardly say that "Rider Q's [sic] bolt." Kerry Joseph didn't bolt. He wanted a raise that we couldn't afford to give him. Henry Burris...okay, he skipped town...but that was probably best for all. Reggie Slack? He wanted a high that we couldn't afford to give him. I can't really recall any QB's before that - at least, not ones that you actually wanted to stick around for any length of time - apart from Burgess and Austin.

Ok…maybe its only 3 as you say and I’m counting Burris. Fairly large number but maybe only in my world.
and actually McCallum doesn’t live there. why would he after getting cow shit dumped on his lawn
i just can’t think of a starting QB who has re-upped since Lancaster actually, for whatever reason. I see where Durant is slagged when things go bad and I wonder that’s all. It must be a smothering experience if things go south even for a week.
I hope you guys know what you’ve got. He’s elite. I hope he re-signs.

Im pretty sure that McCallum still lives here.

First, I think the thread question has a faulty presumption. But since it was made, all the answered posts are in my opinion, quite off-base. The real truth is that we never have seemed to develop a QB and stick with him. A very good example is Kevin Glenn, who I felt never had a real opportunity, and was doubted by many as to his becoming a starter of significance. Ken Miller, after admitting the Bishop mistake, finally had the fortitude to try to develop a QB and gave Double D that chance. And even now, Ken admits that Darian is a work in progress, but has made it clear that he is #1 and that he will stick with him. If Durant stays healthy, he could be here for quite a long time. When you bring in older QBs as a "quick fix" they don't stay either because they are older and past their best due date, or they fail to produce.
The Rider Nation has high expectations, and hence when DD falters or plateaus, there are complaints. Thankfully the HC, GM, positional coaches and CEO, don't act by responding to fans.
Try listening to Stampeder fans when Burris plays like he did against BC a week ago. Many would have him run out of Calgary.
And a kid like Dalton Bell wants to play, so he probably wanted to be traded, as he, like Harrell, could see the writing on the wall (ie. Durant is #1).

but in your opinion why do the good QB’s you’ve wanted to keep generally not sign after success in Regina?
My question and possible theory is that Regina is too smothering of a community. Too up when things are good and fairly murderous when slippage occurs.
I thought others answered it well.
You can query the presumption behind it but it’s still my question.
Again, we may see the answer when Durant’s new contract emerges.

But you are free of course to re-frame it and call it off base. Not sure how a question can be off base. It’s a query is all. You may want to ask a question if Regina nurtures and trains young QB’s successfully. Go for it.

Not sure you want to really denigrate Calgary’s success at the position and keeping QB’s and comparing it with Regina’s.

Well Flag, players leave for a variety of reasons. Burris left a second time because his wife made him do so. Of course all the perks he got from Mitchell, the Forzanis, and company helped. Especially money, 2 vehicles, etc. Same with Kerry Joseph going for more cash. Wouldn't you, if it was significantly more?
Others leave because they are traded, where some ask to be traded, and others are because they don't fit for the coaches and managements plans. Guys like Harrell, Bell, Jyles, Glenn, all wanted to be # 1 and some were impatient, and others like Glenn or Butler stayed til they got fed up with nothing happening.
Regina and even Sask. is a small market, and Regina is not exactly an exciting city for a single guy. Perhaps some young single guys give that some consideration. However there are players with wives and children who stay, even after they are done football, because they appreciate many good aspects of Regina, and our province.
You may be right that some players don't like living in a fishbowl, and not having privacy, but I bet more players relish being recognized, and by and large being treated with friendship and respect in Regina.
All the above applies to players playing any position, not just QBs.

Unfortunately we are now left with a "pretender" at #2.................Dinwiddie.

thanks stan.
I think it was Austin who left partly because his wife and he disliked the anger directed at them, Burris left for reasons unknown but rumored to be the mood of the city when things went bad and Joseph was traded after wanting more money. Glenn and Butler were traded as well after falling out of favor along with Jyles etc. Earlier Nealon Greene was run out after some injuries, Archer refused, Burgess took a hike too.
for whatever reason no one since Lancaster 40 years ago has stayed and flourished. There must be a reason.
Your point, as has been made by others, that the fishbowl is not for all is probably true. But I worry that Regina will have difficulty keeping QB’s as long as the fans are so volatile.
Some say its just good fandom. I hold another opinion.
But this has run its course.

His wife was offered a higher paying job in Calgary.