Is this where I complain about the Ticats Celebration fine?


That was the best celebration I've seen in any end zone. Why is the CFL all of a sudden acting like the NFL (No Fun League)? That was so spontaneous and hillarious and just worked...

What's next? Geroy will be fined for his Superman pose? Hope not, he'll have 3 of them this weekend

Go Leos!

This isn't the first time they've done this. They knew they'd get fined but didn't care. This shouldn't be a surprise.

HUGE difference between players going into a Boat and posing and being goofy, from Geroy posing like superman..

HUGE difference.. can't you see that?

That was free advertising for Lund boats, but I would be a little upset being the dealer my first thought was they are going to scratch the hell out of it.