Is this weekly poll from Hamilton Magazine a sign

that Hamilton is Loserville, Canada? Reading on page 31 of the summer 2012 edition that in the weekly poll, for the comment "The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are the odds-on favourite to win this year's Grey Cup. Do you think they have what it takes to go all the way?" - Answer - Who Cares? 61 percent"

So does this make Hamilton a Loserville mentality type of town that they, those responding to this very unofficial poll, don't want their most noted professional sports team to win the country's 100th Grey Cup national football championship?

Personally I say someone, somewhere who operates this rag, and it looks like a rag to me, has something agains't the TigerCats. Just what I think. As I say, it's a rag my wife picked up for free on a stand in downtown Hamilton today. Or should I say "piece of garbage" magazine rather than rag? Let me think about that. 8) I think I'll pass for the subscription to this thing. I can't believe that anyone would actually pay to buy it, but then that's their choice afterall. :wink:

Darko though, good comment about the PanAms. :thup:

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Relax. Internet polls mean next to nothing.

It's a fine magazine.

Half the city hates the Ticats for some reason and couldn't care less. Just read the opinions section in the paper. Or web, whichever you prefer.

Considering that CFL interest in Ontario is somewhere around 20%, having a 40% of the respondents expressing an opinion doesn't seem like a bad stat. I imagine there is a selection bias here, though, as I would guess that responses were given voluntarily and would only have come from readers, so the result might not be an accurate reflection of general opinion.

Half the city probably hates broccoli also, but the good news is that it means half the city (me included) loves the stuff ... which translates into more than 250,000 broccoli lovers in Hamilton alone.

Pretty impressive numbers for all the broccoli producers along Hwy. 52 in Copetown ?

Keep growin' broccoli !!

:wink: :)

What about the people who just don't like broccoli? :wink:

Love the broccoli analogy. :thup: Have to admit, sometimes I crave the stuff and have to have it but sometimes it's not a great batch and can be fairly tasteless and in that case, I hate the stuff on that occasion. :wink:

Yes Captain, agree Internet polls really don't say anything.

You know you just propagate idiocracy when you repost this moronic stuff.....a certain Forest Gump quote comes to mind.

I'll be sure to keep your words of profound wisdom in mind in the future my good friend synth. I'll get right on it. :lol:

Now, were you just calling me an idiot? :o :lol:

So, you're saying that no one on here should post anything they read online, a magazine, saw on television, for any sort of discussion, on a discussion board? Is that what you're saying? Remember, I'm an idiot so KISS for me please synth. :smiley:

What? You mean the 'Riders may not be the best football team to ever play the game?

Internet polls indicate the percentage of people that supported each possible answer who a) were aware of the poll and b) were interested enough to actually record their opinions. 61% of how many votes? Was it 8 out of 13 perhaps? Were people able to vote multiple times? Who knew about the poll?

I'm thinking that the most popular response of "Who cares?" applies pretty well to this poll.

Good point Cats and I found this that may help explain why polls may include a choice "Who Cares"

[i]While viewing CNN online today's poll asked about the new pick of a blond James Bond. And I was reminded once more of the utter insanity of such polls.

A word to those conducting such polls from someone well qualified in designing and conducting polls; me: If you want such polls as that of the ridiculous CNN question to reflect the actual number of people going online to view your site you should include this choice for a response: Who Cares? Only when polls include a choice of "Who Cares?" will they reflect the actual number of people reading any polls. The lack of this choice prevents most from bothering to respond, thereby skewing the results. This is akin to the need on ballots for a choice: None of the Above![/i]

Source: The American Poet : Weedpatch Gazette For 2005. By Samuel D.G. Heath. 2009. ( ... atch+heath)
;( ... JpUQHW9PwC)

Here's another poll that might get rather skewed results:

Would you ever consider answering an online poll? Yes / No

Earl: I like the fact you posted this............I mean, where else on earth could I bless you all with my "Broccoli Theory"

:lol: :wink:

(come to think of it, one of my heroes, Malcolm Gladwell. spent an entire lecture in front of scholars on the importance of spaghetti sauce ..and had them spellbound) 8)

.... here's his famous lecture: Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce | Malcolm Gladwell - YouTube

Sweet deer and thanks for that video! Funny thing we are having left over spaghetti sauce for supper tonight! :wink: :o