Is this true about Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Feild???

I came accross this....

Currently, there are plans to renovate the stadium costing about CAD $13 million which could include new permanent seating at the endzones, possibly a closed roof and the already built jumbo-tron.

This was in regards to expanding Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Feild.
Is any of it true?

I've never heard of this Mosaic Stadium thing, but at Taylor Field, likely half that 13 mill is already spent. The jumbotron, new washrooms etc. So by the time they put the new turf in, and rebuild the endzone stands, redo the dressing rooms etc., it will easily hit the 13 mark.
This is actually relatively old news announced before Hopson became CEO--so over 2 years ago-- although the fat bastard seems to like to take all the credit....
I'll let him take the credit for the ticket price increase though.

I don't see the roof happening though....

As far as I have heard there are ongoing renovations to the stadium, the new field turf is scheduled to go in this coming spring prior to training camp. There are also plans to renovate the visitors locker room and adjacent areas. In the deal with mosaic and the city the money given to the city can only be used on the stadium and none is to go toward the football operations. I have heard nothing of anything like a roof or permenant seating in the endzones though. I fall goes as planned there should be training camp at Taylor Field in Mosaic stadium this spring, this means any fans who wish could actually sit during the practice sessions. What I would like to see though is that the area under the seats be enclosed to cut down the winds under there and in the fall give you a place you could go out of the wind.

Yes, it is true homie. They decided this in hopes of getting the 100th Grey CUp game, because the renvations are supposed to be done by then...

Ok, my next question is, now that they are not getting the 100th Grey Cup, are they still going to continue renovating Mosaic Stadium or is it just going to remain as is?

They were never getting the 100th Grey Cup.
That was just part of the salespitch(lies?) Hopson (and Fiacco) gave to the city councillers and board of directors to help convince them that changing the name to Mosaic was a good idea....
The plan for renovations was already in place before Mosaic was even in existance (happy second birthday to them by the way) and are over half done.

Anyway, so the answer is, I still don't have any idea what this Mosaic Stadium thingy you refer to is,
but the renovations at Taylor Field continue and are coming along nicely.

Arius.... I love your style. I can't say "Mosaic Stadium" either. Taylor Field just keeps rolling off my lips!

I myself call it Taylor feild as well, and it is still Taylor Feild, however does Mosaic not have stadium name rights?
Also does anyone know if they will be adding more seats to the stadium and in what configuration?

Mosaic is the name of the stadium itself.....Taylor is the name of the actual playing field.

I always thought what Taylor field really needed was about a 100 foot high wind break on each end...but I'm glad to hear about the new field turf. Comes too late for Ricky's wrist though. :slight_smile:
The Dolphins knew about the rock hard playing field in Regina as that was suppose to be one of their concerns about letting Ricky play in the CFL this past year.

What do you mean? I remeber him hitting Taylor's Turf.. It looked painful on instant replay...

Taylor 1,
Ricky Williams 0..

I wanna hear the bell for round 2!

so Ricky just about didnt play in the CFL because the Dolphins knew we(Taylor field)had crappy playing field :lol: where did u hear this from :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Is there room to make the Stadium bigger in that piece of land that Taylor Feild is on?

Yes this is true, It will be taking place sometime during the spring. And as for mosaic stadium as the new name.. Hate it!

What else can you guys tell me about Mosaic Stadium (Taylor Feild)?

That it is annoying that they changed the name.

They didnt get enough money for the mosaic name on the building.

Taylor Field is still called Taylor Field, only the stadium uses the name Mosiac.

yeah, officially, its:

Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

And Mosaic got a great deal on it