Is this too much to ask for or am I being picky?

Ok, I don't buy the Toronto Star but do glance at it in the public library from time to time, like I did today at noon. So I'm looking at the sports, of course, and there is an article on Michael Bishop returning this wknd, fine. So I thought I'd glance at the CFL standings and lo and behold no standings, MLB, MLS but no CFL standings, just games to be played this week.

Is it too much to ask that a major newspaper in a CFL team's city put the standings of the league in? I don't think so but before I fire off an email to The Star, I thought I'd just check here first.

Did they print the standings at all during the week? I can see printing them after a game but not the rest of the time, because they haven't changed. Why reprint the same standings five times?

That I don't know Tridus, good point. We'll see what they do with the NFL and Toronto doesn't even have a team in that league.

the answer is yes. :stuck_out_tongue: