Is this Ticat team the worst in CFL history?

Mind you, this is before they have played any games and (hopefully) our GM is planning to bring in a ton of good players to camp. But with all the veterans that have been released is the above team the worst of all time–a four win team now minus several veterans?

No that was last year's team. :lol:

I'm just kidding I doubt they will be the worst team in CFL history. Remember that everyone was picking the Bombers to be last in the league this past season and we made the playoffs. It just goes to show that until you see the product on the field names don't mean a heck of a lot.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hamilton is contending next season.

Ticat fans deserve better than this, Desjardins must be waiting for the February FAs to begin.

the worst teams in CFL history are the ones that arnt here

This is the stupidest idea for a thread ever. Free agency hasn't started yet, how can you say the team is bad? By this criteria, I think the 2011 Ticats will be the worst team in CFL history, because we have like no one under contract for then. Whats Marcel thinking? :cowboy:

I don't know if it's fair to say this group of Ti-cats is the worst ever. Don't forget..this franchise just had a 1-17 season a couple of years ago. It would be hard to be worse than that. :twisted:
How do you compare a team that has yet to pick up a ball to some of the dreadful teams in CFL several Argo teams in the 70's, the Stampeders under the owner who had his son as a QB, Ottawa under Horn Chen, Bruce Firestone or the Glieberman's?
I'm hoping the Ti-Cats improve...Bob Young deserves some positive results, and so do the fans of Hamilton.

I think the 1-17 team was the worst!

Ah far from it. I remember in the 70's a Stampeder team that had more yard lost then gained in nearly every game. Erik Krammer before going to the Detroit Lions played as a Stamp and was leveled in nearly every play. He got so beat up he was happy to leave at the end of the season.
No such thing as the worst team. Many teams have come and gone with very poor records.
The Tigercats have had a few seasons that are unimpressive but can only get better with new coaching. We will see.
I am glad the fans in Hamilton have stuck with their team.

Don't give up the ghost rob35! What I saw last year was a team that gave up when the going got tough. Talent alone does not win football games - attitude does. Too much easy livin' for some of those guys.

Yeah, you've lost a lot of veterans, but most of those seem to have gone docile with age. Wait 'til training camp to judge the new crop. Young guys hate losing! Once the coaching has been settled your bunch will contend.

Go Cats! (unless playing the BBs - then Suck Cats!)

While the Win vs Losses don't necisarily dictate, I've never seen the Ticat Org. be so dis-organised from a Player / personnel stand point. We had Bad coaching, bad management (excluding Bob the owner/caretaker) and abismale play on the field. The 2006 fielded team should be embarrased to even claim they were "on the team" as they sure didn't play like a team.
Hopefully the 2007 will be cleaned up of the Ego's and the finger pointers........onward and upward I say.


I hope they are a better team next year. But in this year's free agent crop, I just don't see any players capable of having the impact that Barrin Simpson did in Winnipeg last year to help turn this team around. I think it could be hard for them to make the playoffs. But stranger things have happened.