Is this the year for the Eastern cross over?

The way that BC and Edmonton are playing, it's a possibility.

Hamilton vs. Toronto in the Grey Cup perhaps?

Even better - Winnipeg representing the East vs. Hamilton representing the West. That would be bizarre.

Except for this to happen, we'd have to end up in last place, and I don't see that happening. The second half of our season should be easier, with a few games against BC and Edmonton (and Toronto - let's see how good they really are once they play a few games against some real teams).

The way things are going right now, it looks like someone from the East will cross over into the West. I can't see how either BC or Edmonton will have a better or equal record to whichever team finishes last in the East.

Toronto, Hamilton Grey Cup would be insane and VISA would be paying for that trip!

Hamilton (home) vs. Toronto eastern conference semi. :rockin:

All those years in the 80s and 90s living in Calgary listening to those smug "The western final is the REAL Grey Cup" comments.... Time for payback.