is this the year 2004?

2004, the Riders won in alberta against a Higgins coached team.....then went into the lions-den and came up JUST short.

2004, the Argos won their east semi at the dome then went to the Big O and beat the Als....

Argos beat the Lions for the grey cup

2006....its shaping up the exact same.


Hopefully what you're saying is true but the Lions are on the winning end of the Cup.

B.C. Lions must beat their nemesis to get to the 2006 Grey Cup.

The 13-5, first-place Lions will host the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday in the Canadian Football League's Scotiabank West Championship at B.C. Place Stadium.

Saskatchewan came back from a 21-5 first half deficit yesterday to upset the Calgary Stampeders 30-21 in the West semifinal.

The 9-9, third-place Roughriders beat the Lions three times after B.C.'s 45-28 season opening June 16 home win. The Lions' only home loss of 2006 was 29-28 to Saskatchewan on July 14.

"You look forward to playing them because it's not going to be easy," said Lions' slotback Geroy Simon. "It's going to be a tough game, a fight to the finish."

Roughriders handed the Lions their first road loss 32-24 on June 25 and ended B.C.'s seven-game winning streak Sept. 24 with a 23-20 overtime triumph in Regina.

"We've got a little something to prove," said B.C. linebacker Javier Glatt. "They've got to come to our house in front of our fans to beat us in our dome. I don't see that happening."

Saskatchewan will be seeking revenge of its own after losing 2004's West final 27-25 in overtime at B.C. Place.

Another way to put it could be:

In 2004, the Riders won in Alberta against a Higgins coached team.....then went into the Lions' den where Paul McCallum came up JUST short.


Yeah, I believe Mr. McCallum missed a fairly important field goal in 2k4..

Rider Fans, get on a bus/plane/tractor and come to BC Place, fill the visitors side in the upper deck (no bad seats) it will be like an english soccer game with out the throwing of projectiles. One game to cut through all the talk. Awesome.

One game to cut through all the talk. Awesome.
Couldn't agree more ShawnBC....can't wait...wear the ORANGE, bring FLAGS, bring NOISE....

You are missing one thing, the NHL is back and less people probably care about the grey cup this year than they did that year.

All the more incentive to play hard and win on Sunday!

Well Rider fans should remember what happened to the Green and White when they came to our house this season, we ran over them. Look for a repeat performance.


What the hell is this 'edit' crap in every thread? Stop it.

it will be agreat game, especially if mcallum screws up like he did when playing for the riders, cause we all know in sask he is not great under pressure. our defence is still playing great but our offence needs to step up to greatness, and our special teams team to stop from letting the return go so far