Is this the week for Roberts?

With the next game in Toronto, you gotta think this is the game were Roberts breaks it out.
First of all TO always gives up some room rushing to defend the air (and they are going to have to with the way our pass game was with Dinwiddie in there)
Second, TO will be looking at the game film of last week, and will be expecting alot of deep balls. This is the perfect time to prepare for a heavy dose of Roberts. Add in the improving OLine - hopefully they can open up some big holes.

With Dinwiddie riding high right now, the last thing we need to see is his confidence come down as Toronto's secondary picks him off 3 times. With a big ground attack, Dinwiddie should be able to find open recievers.

If we can win in Toronto this way, we get the whole team riding high, with no looking back! :rockin:

and if he doesnt break out... Bring on freddy REID! :rockin:

Roberts is roberts. Honestly, he's the last guy I'd be worried about. The running game issue was not the problem to an 0-4 start, now because things should turn around. The runing game is only now thrust into the lime-light seeing some of the other problems on off./def. were of primary targets. None of it had to do with Roberts, he'll be back into form. . . once the rest of the team is in order. We couldn't use a weapon such as Roberts the way things were going all around, it was not his fault whatsoever.

I'd be surprised if Roberts doesn't gain at least 150 yards on Friday night. All Dinwiddie has to do is use the misdirection. The Argos D have been fooled all year by that.

I’ll be extremely, I mean extremely surprised if the Bombers fail to execute a running game on Friday. That being said, I fully anticipate Roberts will run baby run.

No we don't. what has roberts done wrong? he hasn't lost a step and how is the guy supposed to run when all he has is a wall of defenders. Their are 2 things the bombers are doing wrong.

Number 1 due to injuries on the oline he has no holes to run through, and if their is the dline closes them before he gets there. giving him no space to run.

Number 2 play calling. Anyone else notice when roberts gets the ball he is ion the back field, if not he leaks out during the snap count? or has anyone noticed how the defence backs off or steps up when this happens? its easy for defences to read when the only time he runs the ball is the only time he is in the back field. we need to work a proper single back formation with only 5 recievers. doing this will keep roberts in the back field making the defence look at our offence differently. we use ryan to go deep and have them back off and wehn they do run it down their throats.

SO I think roberts is doiung as fine a job as ever. no matter how hard he hits the line, running into 3 or 4 defenders is a losing battle. play calling and some better play making will allow him to rack up the yards once again. he has not yet lost a step at all and is still the top back in this league.

I hope that Roberts can get at least 5 or 6 yards per carry, that would be a step in the right direction.

However, this is starting to remind me of last year with AJ111 returning kicks. Everyone was blaming the blocking for the poor returns, but once he was replaced by Stokes, things took off.

We can't wait forever for the o-line to get healthy, because that day might never come. Roberts needs to make things happen on his own, like Stokes did, otherwise find somebody who can.

and if he doesnt break out... Bring on freddy REID!
one of those two will come in and dominate the Argo defence

This is Roberts' chance to break outta this funk. I think he does it.

.......Charlie gets it going this week...i believe most of his problems are due to the fact the o line has really been hit hard with injuries....IF Obby can get more playing time, it could give Blink the boost he needs to get going....Sheridan would also make a difference...i don't care what anyone says about his tendency to get nicked...when he's in the starting line-up...he can create some big holes for Charlie and that's the difference in his game right now....that's the way i see it.... :expressionless:

After watching the Riders/Argos play on Sun., I have to say that the Argos D-line is a joke. They got manhandled on Sunday, not even a sniff.

Roberts shoud average 6.5 yards per carry.