Is this the time to trade a QB????

Are you saying they could trade Printers?
It might free up some cash to bolster the Defense.
Could we win with our 3 backups ?

No, I don’t think we could win with our backups.

Any trade involving Printers would have to include a proven QB IMO.

Where have you read or heard that?

I haven't read any such reports.

Steve Milton in the Spec (very) breifly hinted that it may not be totally out of the question that Chang could go to Saskatchewan. It could already be laid out, but Obie may be insisting to wait until after Saturday's game (as it is agains the Ruffies).

That's not at all what he said.

It was just one speculative line and here it is:

"Just wondering here, but will the Roughies leave town with Timmy Chang soon to follow them to Regina? "

Unless he wrote something else somewhere else that I missed.

Yes, that's the line I meant, and yes I know it is purely a speculative line. The part in the bold is what I added, not what Milton said.

Unless I'm reading something wrong into it, isn't it saying that Chang could be going to Saskatchewan?

Oh, I thought you got that from Milton's line.

You're just speculating too.

As far as "could Chang go to Sakatchewan", I guess yeah, sure he could, as could any QB for that matter. I don't think there's anything to that line at all.

As has been said,, if anyone needs a QB they'd go after Bishop or Dickenson IMO.

What's the point in going after Chang. You've already got unproven young QBs, what's another going to do for you?

People are just speculating about your QB's because as is the case in the Hammer the next Qb down the line is the best QB. :wink:

Sounds like Crandell's injury is not that serious. Likely out but it was mentioned he could dress just not start.

I can't see them making a trade if it is only a 1-2 week thing.

TRADE CHANG he is a wimp

I think Sask. would go after Bishop. I hate to say it but the guy would be a starter on most teams. He is an excellent QB. If they went after Chang, we probably wouldn`t get much for him.

Lets hang on too our QB`s and stop giving the Riders are talent.

I like Timmy Chang and hope he will be with us for awhile.

Sask. is looking to either get Damon Allen out of retirement or trade for Timmy Chang or do nothing. right now, they've done nothing.

aman wrote,

Sask. is looking to either get Damon Allen out of retirement or trade for Timmy Chang

Where is your source on this? I didn`t hear a thing about Sask. looking at Chang.

go to and click on the CFL news and Notes video.

I went to and watched the news and notes video. It mentioned Damon Allen. Nothing about Saskatchewan interest in Chang.

loyalticatfan, my source came from here

[url=] ... 85f012100a[/url]
8) Saw an interview last night with Ken Miller and he laughed and said that Sask. has no interest in Damon Allen at all !!!


Here`s the quote from the leader post in Regina

The Roughriders had been discussing the possibility of adding a quarterbacks -- throughout the league there was speculation they would haul Damon Allen out of retirement, grab Timmy Chang from Hamilton's waived/injured list or activate Drew Tate from their own nine-game injury list
that is hardly a trade rumor. Seems to me their implying, that if they can pick him up for next to nothing, they would.

The leader post sports person has the inteigence of a skunk thats been driven over by a car "sometimes". The riders havent been looking for a QB in Crandells absence.