Is this the time to trade a QB????

I just want to get people's thoughts about trading one of our QB's. With Crandell being hurt, according to the media for quite a while do we try and unload Chang or Williams? What do you think?

I think it might be a good idea to see what Tillman would offer for Chang or Williams, but wait until after our game with them on Saturday to finalize the deal. This is of course if he want's to deal for another QB.

Smith and Flick for Chang...

Well, it would have been nice...

Well, with an injured Flick it could happen. Oh that's right, MD isn't their gm, damnit.

If the cats trade williams, they better get starter improvement at the spot they need it most, otherwise, noway.

Porter has looked good, Williams is TO reliable , so CHang and a draft pick for a starting lb, OR a O.L ?


    You are suggesting this after we both went around the block with each other so many times last year over Chang? 

No problem with getting Smith and Flick but I am surprised to see you ready to throw Timmy overboard even for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of you actually think this team would or should trade Williams? I think you have been smoking crack or something..

Obie extended Williams contract for a reason. He isn't going anywhere!

I like our QB depth.

We have a stud QB (Printers), a solid semi-experienced backup (Williams) and two young QB's with loads of potential.

I've said it before and I'll say it again....we won't get anything for Chang or Porter and we'll get next to nothing for Williams. (Not because they're bad QB's but because the position is pretty solid across the league. And I understand the Riders are very thin right now with the injury, but Tillman isn't and idiot and he won't trade a starter on his team when Crandell is probably only a few weeks away.)

However, if we can get something worthwhile (which I don't think we can) then I'd trade Chang or Porter in a heartbeat.

Williams may not be going anywhere but of the backups we have he has the most trade value as of right now. If Obie could get "value" for one of them it wouldn't surprise me if he pulled the trigger.

Yeah, he does....but why on earth would we trade him?

He is a perfect compliment to Printers and the only other QB on our roster that has won a game in the CFL.

No. We really should get out of the business of making other teams better with talent from our roster. :wink: <<< short answer

Long answer:

To become a contender, a team has to develop continuity and depth at its most critical positions. NO team that has had sustained success in the CFL has made it a habit to unload quarterbacks when their starting QB has had injury issues. Like it or not, Casey has been banged up (mainly hamstring-related in the recent past) from time to time and the need is there for backups to take his place.

People assume wrongly that a 3-15 team has much leverage in the trade department. You can count the possible "trade bait" on the Ticat roster to say birdie finger on the second hand.

Why would Tillman trade for Chang, exactly? His stellar preseason play? Certanly not for his T.O. tank job last year.

Why Williams? He won how many games as a starter last year?

If you cite their respective potentials, then you might have an argument. Yet Tillman has two young QBs (Jyles and Durrant) that he seems willing to go with while Crandell is on the mend. Why would he trade a starter for either Timmy or Richie when neither one has clearly shown he's a lead pipe cinch to be a significant factor in the league? Again, neither one is a proven CFL commodity. Tillman is likelier to use his extensive US contacts and pick up a free agent QB down south than go the starter-for-backup route.

That is the kind of swap Marcel Desjardins would make. Where is Rocky Butler now? Eric Tillman probably has him on speed dial. LMAO Ex-Riders often do come home. I'm not holding my breath on that trade idea.

P.S. Can we get to say game six before we pull our collective finger in our GM armchairs and trade half our roster? LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Are you kidding me? Trade our QBs, forget it. Its only game 2 of an 18 game season. Like Oski-oui-oui previously stated. Printers is a great quarterback but he has injury issues and we need a valid backup. I believe we have our man in Williams. Hey funnier things have happened. If Williams were to get injured we have our number 3 in Chang or Porter.

This is the first time in years where we have a good Quarterback Corps, why destroy that and make a team better.

Let`s just hang on to our players and stop making other teams better. Ie Flick in Saskatchewan.

mr62cats, i should have added the “sarcasm” emoticon…

Like Russ, I don’t believe we should trade any of our talent at this point.

i dont see why tillman would want any of our backups right now anyways. His starter will be back in a couple weeks and they are 2-0 and tillman isnt exactly gonna panic. Williams is the only one with any real experience and even that isnt much for anyone to give much for him at this point. Why would they trade for someone that still needs to develop? they have their own backups and their starter will be back soon. If they could get a proven older backup to maybe plug the hole for a bit then I could see it, but I dont see them trading for someone that needs developing cus they already have a few of them. I just dont see it as a fit for them unless its for the long term but because of the injury to crandell, I think tillman will just wait it out and at worst be 2-2 when he comes back. In the meantime, he gets to see what he has for backups which will be what really determines what his qb situation needs long term. If they were 0-2 he might panic but this might be good for them in the long run cus being 2-0 he has the luxury of giving the young guys some playing time. wheres rocky butler now?

Don't kid yourselves if Tillman is looking for a QB to run things in Crandells absence he will be knocking at the Argo's door..for Bishop..not Hamilton's door for unproven talent. Tillman has unproven talent in his 2nd string. He needs a proven starter who can lead the team in the absence of his #1...Bishop...hate to toot Toronto's horn but they have the upper hand in this situation.

I agree. Maybe they will knock on damon allens door.

Damon Allen remains retired,
unless you call him

July 07, 2008, Sean Fitz-Gerald

The National Post

Damon Allen did not call
the Saskatchewan Roughriders

after the team lost its starting
quarterback to injury last weekend.

And he does not plan to call, but
if they called him, he would listen.


The Argos control his rights until February,
when his final contract expires.

He has been working as an advisor
to CEO Michael (Pinball) Clemons.

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Anyone is tradable if the price is right.

Surely you jest.

Would you trade one our starting OLs or LBs for an unproven second year, fourth string QB?