Is this the stretch run for Joseph?

Are the Argos going to honor the contract in 2009? I would think that the Don might want to bring in his own guy. I can't see the Argos paying whatever they pay him, in the $250,000 range I would think, in 2009. Most teams can go 4-11 with a $100,000 Q.B.
I 'm thingking they might look at a Darian Durant who is free at the end of the year. After all Kent Austin said he was the smartest Q.B. he has been associated with. I think his word is good with Pinball. If the Riders show that Bishop is going to be their man for the next year or so, Durant is gone. I can't see any other team willing to say Joseph is their number 1 guy, give up on their current Q.B situation, and pay Joseph 1st string salary instead, which is what Joseph wants to be paid..

I am not sure the Argos want to pay a 35 yr old qb who has not thrown a td pass in a month that kind of $$ next season. I think it is high time the Reggie McNeal wr experiment ends & he is given some quality reps the last 2 games of the season.

I was just thinkning about this acctually. Im thinking Durrant would be a perfect fit. Although half of Rider Nation wants him to be our guy it just won't happen, there is more to the tale then the general public knows. Durrant is in his last season as a Rider and won't re-sign, I say his best bet is you guys. What could it hurt?

KJ is done with the Argos and tomorrow will be his swan song.
What a mistake it was by trading Bishop.

while it seems to be all the rage to diss kj, i can't say i'm willing to jump on this particular bandwagon. when a team is not successful all fingers tend to point at the qb first, while i agree that joseph has had some bad,even terrible games i don't think he is the main reason for the argos misfortunes this season.

for one i don't think his abilities have been used properly in the argos system, he is not a pocket passer and does his best work on the move. also it might be worth to mention that there rarely is a pocket for him to set up in considering the poor play on the line this year, look at the argos running game also to back this up. i doubt bishop would have been any different and to be honest i don't think he has been particularly amazing with the riders either with the exception of one or two games.

does anyone else think kj is improving with each game? i do. i think he's finally developing some chemistry with the receivers ,given that there's been so many, i think the last three games at the rodgers center i've seen a different guy in the lineup.

i would like to see him return next year and at least have a chance to compete because i do believe he will redeem himself and personally i don't see pickett doing much(not a strong enough arm imho). of course there's always reggie mcneal who i am getting excited about regardless of his place in the offense.

one way or another wining and losing is a team effort. bad execution, dropped passes,fumbles and penalties have killed us.

regardless of all this i'm going to the rodgers center this thursday believing joseph and co can pull a win out of the hat.
let's get behind them

Belive me you guys are not going to get Durant, he's going to be staying with saskatchewan and probably be our starter for next season.