Is this the new normal?

13-3 at the half .. 16 points per half is actually par for the course so far this season. Is this the new reality for the CFL or do receivers actually plan on catching some TD passes In the final 2/3s of this season? It is nothing but a distant memory when in 1990 when the Argos averaged 40 points a game, we will be hard pressed to average 40 points a game combined this season.

On the other hand, if you like watching good kickers at work, there's a lot to cheer about this year!

When was the last time 2 QB's threw for under 30 yards in a half in the same season?

Would have liked to have seen Liram kick that one at the end.

No kidding! That would have been a hoot.

He would of made it...the bombers don't want the nfl to notice him though

:D Probably something to that. Hello Jon Ryan.

Could you imagine if Ryan was still punting for these guys..The way this season is going, they could of won games with last years offence...just gain feild position with Ryan and then Haarajadyho or what ever his name is splitting 65 yard field goals

The 50 harder he kicked last week went straight down the middle and cleared by at least 10yards

LOL. That would have been like taking it back to the 1920s, Harry Batstone, Pep Leadly, and Queen's University whatevers..

Get out (leave)!

Noticed that too. The football has been pretty bad so far this year. On the flip side the second half was A LOT better. Lets hope its a start of something good for the product on the field.

Sure seems that way this year. The second half saved this game, but the first half was yet another crapfest. That is the norm this year.

Yet another stinker..... Two different leagues. East is MLS and the West is the Bundusligue


He would HAVE made it...

They could HAVE won games



don’t you mean WHUT?

Oh man, it makes me laugh so hard to discover I'm not the only one with Grammar Nazi tendencies...and it makes me laugh even more that those comments received the reply they did. :thup: