Is This the Game?

We have not won 2 games in a row since we beat the Ticats on Aug 26, 2011. Over a full year since we could manage something that seems pretty basic. Does the streak come to an end this weekend?

Seems to me that if we just keep it simple like last game, let Simpson have 20 or so touches, and get 1st downs so the defence isn’t on the field all game, we have a good chance. Also, give Toronto enough time to self destruct and we get 2 points.

....They're already half-way there dan...Ricky ain't playing....Now does that mean we walk away with 2 pts....Not on your Nellie...BUT i like our chances better with Jackson at the controls...He better have some giddy-up in his step...Our d line guys are gonna be hungry... :wink:

Agree Papa, and our O-line seems to be better and Tor. doesn't have too many sacks, so maybe Buck can have a big game!

Buck was smooth, controlled, and efficient vs the TiCats. I fully expect the argos to bring the heat early trying to prevent him from getting into that same kind of rhythm. If the Oline can play like they did vs the Cats, and if crowton continues to keep giving simpson his touches like he did last game and not forget about him like he has some of the others, the bombers would look poised to win IMO.

argos are dead last in the cfl with 16 sacks..they can try to bring the heat but it wont work. The other thing is last game we played vs toronto.. alex brink was 9/34 and missed something like 14 straight passes.. we lost by a fg.

you know.. im gonna say this as i think he really does make a difference but if buck was healthy.. i'd bet.. well, we would have won that argo game, probably would have beat bc a few weeks back and probably would have beat sask in the banjo bowl. 3 more wins.. we'd be 6-6 like everyon else not named montreal bc and hamilton.

Can't see the Argos being within 16 when this one is over. Bombers playoff hopes will be alive and well after this weekend. Fully expecting a Hamilton and Edmonton loss and then Bombers are 1 game out with 5 to go.

the craziest part.. beat toronto both times we play them, thats the season series vs them also... our 3-9 for arguments sake becomes 5-9 and argos 6-6 becomes 6-8. 2nd place is very possible still.

Let's wait until we can win 2 in a row before we start talking about hosting playoff games! :wink: Let's also not forget that Buck has great games followed by games where he looks terrible.
That all said, Go Blue! :rockin:

....Gotta say it's pretty quiet around these parts lately....Are we waiting for the other boot to drop...orrrrr are we waiting in quiet expectation of a turn-around and a sprint to the 2012 finish line....I've always thought this team had the talent that was being under-utilized...Of course getting a steady hand like Buck back at the controls doesn't hurt BUT he has to stay healthy or I fear the season will certainly be in jeopardy...I think it's ...; 'so goes Buck, so goes the Bombers'...Here's hoping for a Sat. win that will definitely show we haven't 'rolled over'...GOBIGBLUE :thup: :rockin:

To busy dealing with clowns on the main forum.

What I witnessed tonight was an incompetent team, Winnipeg, in a game reffed by incompetent refs, making another incompetent team, Toronto, look good! Completely brutal. First time I ever stopped watching before the end of the game.

Refereeing was brutal, no question, couple of ? calls early helped build momentum for the Argos. Blue played hard on D to try turn it around and were still in it until the fumble on the opening kick off of the 2nd half. First half of football was one of the hardest hitting in a while.

Buck... I love his passion and he's our best QB, but its time he follow in Dickensons footsteps. He can't keep putting his own future health at risk when guys are going to tee him up and try take him out when all it costs them is a 15 yard penalty. Sorry Suitor, Isaacs hit to the head could've been avoided and instead been a shot to the lower body but he took his cheap shot. He's right on one thing though, Buck exiting the game took a lot of wind out of the bombers sails.

Elliott is done IMO and I'll be the first to offer to buy his ticket out of town. His stat line is completely misleading. He made a lot of easy throws to receivers sitting in a bend but don't break zone defence. When the time came to break him he threw 3 perfect balls into the arms of argo players. Missed a number of open receivers, including one deep in the bomber zone after the poor decision by JoVo to take a kick out of the endzone and ending up going out at the 1 (plus the penalty on the play). The team doesn't have the same spirit when he's at the controls. I was hoping either he or brink would've come to the forefront by now, but neither has. At least one has to go to make room for some new blood. IMO, Elliott's comments after the labour day and calgary games singling himself out as playing well has shown me he deserves to be the first to go. No more of the old he's young and needs experience argument. He's been here 3 years. He's not getting any better, he's regressing if anything. He doesn't have great pocket presence and his foot speed isn't good enough to get him out of the pocket on a regular basis, something that's needed with this Oline.

Explain this one to me - 2nd half there were 2 penalties on a play that resulted in a catch by Owens - illegal formation or illegal procedure I think it was on the Argos, facemask on the bombers. Net was a 10 yrd penalty on the bomers. Why should the bombers penalty stand if the argos offensive play should not have gotten off to begin with? Did I get the penalty wrong?

Well Mack kiss your sorry ass goodbye!

Explain this one to me - 2nd half there were 2 penalties on a play that resulted in a catch by Owens - illegal formation or illegal procedure I think it was on the Argos, facemask on the bombers. Net was a 10 yrd penalty on the bomers. Why should the bombers penalty stand if the argos offensive play should not have gotten off to begin with? Did I get the penalty wrong?
wolverine’s quote

Exactly what I thought of too. In fact I’ve questioned this for years.

wolverine's quote

Exactly what I thought of too. In fact I've questioned this for years.
Because major fouls always get applied, regardless of what else happened on the play. If they could be waved off, guys would be able to take a free shot at someone.

...I did the same Dan....disgusted with the team and the officiating...The refs gift wrapped a td. right off the bat for T.O. with that b.s. call on Suber...My gawd it was a horrible game to watch...On one play the Argos were penalized and the brain-dead ref. still got it wrong and announced NO 24 OF THE BOMBERS as the one being penalized. I guess he had it so engrained in his mind that it was only Bombers who were going to get called...What a laugher...It woud be really funny if the reffing wasn't so pathetic and the Bomber play was matching their lousy performance...I said it in my previous post...'so goes Buck so goes the Bombers' AND Buck went...He's done...Sorry to say but we can't hang our hat on a guy who can't stay healthy...even for half a game...Buck has to retire for his own good and the good of the Bombers....Elliott seems to have regressed playing with this lousy outfit...AND by lousy I'm referring to some of the coaching as well as the players....This is next year country now...sealed our fate with that pathetic effort.....AND message to Tilman...' don't think by your esks. lousey play that your going to get the top pick in the draft next year cuz we'll do ya one better... :oops: :oops:

Tillman/the Eskimos have traded their number 1 pick,in next year’s CFL draft, to the Als re- Brody McKnight; they won’t pick first or second but the Als will.


......really doesn't matter.....we'll have the top spot locked down in not too long a time the way this club is playing...Als. might pick comes the fly in the ointment...Either the Als. or the Bombers do a Tilman and pull a 'let's make a deal' with someone :lol:

Hey, at least I still have BigDaves pool to look forward to :lol:

This was the game, that defined the 2012 Bombers for what they are, inconsistent and sorely lacking in too many areas from top to bottom.