Is this the future of the football uniform?

I can see this technology vastly improving workplace, military or even physically handicapped scenarios, but I don't see it becoming an athletic performance enhancing component in pro sports. Would leave too many opportunities for cheating, IMO.

Make the headgear resemble that of the monster in movie, A Quiet Place. Not only would it prohibit concussions but also render quarterbacks' ear pieces unnecessary. Would also have to make the field about two miles THAT'S Canadian.

So it looks life JOFA has re-emerged from the dead and has moved out of the hockey business and is now the official helmet supplier of the Weirdo Moon Football League

The human body is designed perfectly thanks to evolution, we don't need special clothing like this unless we are compromised as in the case of a particular handicap. Such things serve to weaken our bodies overtime and become dependent on the very thing that is supposedly helping us.

that would only be if you wore and depended on it 24/7.

any thing they could come up with that protects the neck and knees would be wonderful.

If you believe in evolution, then the human body is not perfect at all.
It’s only partially on the way to the ever changing future of its evolution, no?

I once wrote a sci-fi poem where CFL stood for the Cyborg Football League. The players subvocalized and used bio beds to recover from their injuries.

Definitely need someway to absorb or stop the brain from sudden shifts with the helmets .

If concussions can someway be prevented thru equipment advancement it needs to be done asap .

I wore the neck roll when I played .

Now you never see it ; but if cars have neck protectors to stop the throw back on the neck wouldn't the neck brace or a new version help . If it stops the head from a backwards jolt when the helmet hits the turf wouldn't that be preventative .

I think the game needs to go back to it's rugby roots. If players go back to the headgear, they won't think they are invincible out there.

A hybrid version (Australian ) with a forward pass I would be game for but I hate scrums for some unknown reason .

Something just bugs me when I see it .

I've always preferred the slower pace and strategy of football. I don't care when they congregate into those huge piles in rugby.