Is this the end of the line for Tom Brady?

Watched snippets last night and Brady didn't look real sharp. At 40 I wonder if this is it for him? I guess we'll see how this season goes but he had lots of protection on many plays but was missing receivers.

I thought Brady started out as himself in the first half, but then who knows.

But 16/36 on completions? Wow that was uncharacteristic not to neglect to mention the fourth quarter play by the Patriots, which was about the reverse of the Super Bowl. I never imagined Kansas City was that good on offence and let's not overlook as big of a home field advantage as ever last night for the Patriots!

I do think Gronk will be done before the end of the season, for he was limping around even early in the game.

Don't count Brady out just yet though. Peyton Manning had quite a few lousy games in his last season and was playing more hurt than usual through much of it, but look how that one ended.


Vince McMahon is holding a spot open for Gronk - as he knows this guy can't play a full season of even a substantial portion ofone - might be good for 6 to 9 games. With Edelman out Gronkomania will fade into black.

As for Brady - he's 40, yes - and last night was his worst game in years, perhaps ever - but unless he's suffered some internal damage or can't get it up anymore Bellichick will play him til he drops - or loses 2 or 3 games in a row.

Then he'll be assigned an invisible injury - in order to shuffle the lineup and get Garafalo in - you can't just bench a legend like Brady, need to save him some face!

Brady was really off the last 3 quarters last night - looked like an average Winnipeg blue bomber hobo quarterback at times. Just not right!

A putrid group like Winnipeg, Montreal or Ottawa would give a guy like that a full season. Don't think Bellichik and Mr. Kraft have that much loyalty or emotion to go beyond 3 or 4 stanks!

Even if Brady is on a decline, the Patriots are still good enough to make itback to the Super Bowl... wether or not they win is open to debate... unless they find another way to cheat lol...

didn’t we say this about him a year or 2 ago. Than he went and won the superbowl lol

Unless it's against my Giants. Bawahahahahaa

If the Giants keep playing the way they did against the Cowboys... I wouldn't get your hopes up lol

What I saw was a depleted receiving corps that had no separation at all.

Lucky for Brady's Patriots.

Besides the Giants only win SB once every decade.. 2020 my hopes will be up.

Game two-Tom Brady
Midway thru 3rd.24/32-352 yards...3 TD

Tom Terrific knows he's in a good spot - 17 years running the same offense, with the same head coach. Familiarity breeds success in this case.

With his commitment to conditioning and focus on playing the game I see no reason why Brady can't play at least next year and the year after - obviously without major injury!

However, if he can't win at least 1 Super Bowl in these 3 years I suspect he'll hang things up and either take over the NE coaching job or just be Giselle's boy.

Big concerns this year with an obviously non-dominant Pats defense. No huge playmakers - and now Groinkowski is down with another nick. This big animal gets nicked too easily.

Tom now missing two significant WRs and has to work like the dickens to protect a suspect defense. If he can lead the Pats to at least a 10-6 season (or better) and a good playoff performance he's da man!

Don't know much about the Pats as you do Lyle but what you are saying, sure he could play another couple years at a high level with a just above average team.

Ya, he couldn't even throw for 500 yards yesterday..... Give it up Tom, your time is clearly done ;D

I'm not so sure he could excel with too many other teams. Remember, he's been Bellichick's boy for nigh on 15 years. Put him in with a weaker-minded coach, inferior o-line and less sure-handed receivers and I suspect he'd be either in a gurney or signing retirement papers. For instance - imagine Old Tommy running the Minnesota, Chicago or New York Jets offense???