Is this the end for Morreale ????

Mike Morreale has managed to stay a class act even though he's been relegated to special teams. Like Cavil , he's kept quiet and hasn't caused dissension about lack of playing time. It doesn't appear that he'll fit into the offence unless there is an injury to Peterson or Ralph. I think he could still make those tough catches over the middle if called upon. We'll see... it's a long season.....

I think you may be right here, rockster!

Mike still has lots of game in him and he may stick around one more year...but special teams and helping out in an injury situation may be something he is happy with...Particularly if it means another Grey Cup :thup:

I expect to see Morreale, and for that matter, DJ Flick to be major factors in our offense tonight....and while we're at it......Julian Radlein and Yeast

lets see how my prediction goes.... :wink:

Morreale’s been a solid CFLer for alot of years but time’s caught up with him. He’s a depth guy now, an insurance policy if a 1st stringer goes down.

As for hanging around for another Cup, I don’t think he’s got that long left. :wink:

An Argo fan

He will be here this year that should be all the time he will need. :o

Its obvious that Morreale and Flick are being ignored, 1 is starting, the other isnt even in the offence...

Morreale has too much experience and heart to be relagated to this, and DJ Flick has too much TALENT and SMARTS to be ignored like this.