Is this the Argos Bounce?

Check out the 23 second mark of this video if you want a laugh.

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figures this would get YOUR attention :stuck_out_tongue:

By that - are you referring to the fact I'm a Ti-Cats fan and anything that makes an Argos player look silly will catch my attention and be something I want to share. :slight_smile:

er…that’s it…right :slight_smile:

Ohhhh man. lol Get a grip man! Get a grip!

I think that be whats on his mind :twisted:

How long have you been a fan of the CFL?

This video is from the 1980s and has been shown MANY times on TSN blooper reels.

Have you not been paying attention?

Well I never get tired watching Kerwin or any Argo embarrass themselves. I still laugh at this attempt at spiking the ball.

I can watch that over and over. Too funny.

Maybe not the bounce but definitely the Arhol dunce.

A classic never Dies.

It was getting the rounds being tweeted and retweeted like crazy yesterday on a lot of CFL related and football related twitter accounts I follow. And a number of CFL fans who follow those twitter accounts - so I assume they are CFL fans if following CFL twitter feeds - were mentioning they had never seen it before - so clearly some (perhaps younger) CFL fans had never seen it before?

In any case a classic like that never gets tired IMO.

I think TPB is a converted NFL fan :thup:

I was watching that game with my Boss, an NFL fan and was concerned about the cheap shot lmao.

The QB is KERWIN BELL, and I think the play happened in 2000?

Bell was a decent QB, but likely remembered for this slap stick _keystone Argos? :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you asked - the first year I had season tickets for the Ti-Cats was 1972 and had them every year through 1985 when I moved to Toronto. Every year since then I’ve gone to at least 4 CFL games - often more - every year. I’ve been to 3 games so far this season and am going to at least two more regular season games + likely one (or two) playoff games depending on what place the Cats and Argos finish in.