Is this stupid?

They even had like a 12 year old interview one of the 49er players post game on the field.

Kids all have smartphones, advertisers market to them big time. If the CFL brain trust had some forward thinkers they would pick up on stuff like this.


I don't have any issues with the NFL using Nickelodeon to promote the league.

As for the CBC, why not?

Along with CBC and TSN use YTV and Teletoon as well.


I remember seeing an NFL game a long time ago, where they broadcast the whole thing without any announcers. That was kind of a cool experiment.


I vaguely remember that too. Didn’t they also do that in the CFL one year when there was a strike, I believe at CBC? Does anyone remember that or is it just my reverse Alzheimer’s?


Don’t recall the CFL doing that.....but it could just my triple reverse-statue of liberty-flea flicker-fake field goal dementia acting up again.

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CFL on CBC - Wikipedia.

From August 20 – October 4, 2005, the CFL on CBC had no on-air announcers due to a CMG strike.[2]

On-air personalities of the CFL on CBC [edit]


Colour commentary[edit]


Phew! Thanks Grover. You’re better than a doctor.

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As long as there’s an alternative. When I was 8, what drew me to football was that it was for adults and I wanted to be like them. Antics aimed at kids annoyed me.


I felt the same way.

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Well the I give the NFL props for this one.

CFL, it's your turn.

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I didn’t realize it was a Nickelodeon thing at the time, and couldn’t change the channel. Having said that, I get it, but still did not enjoy wasn’t meant for me. I do agree with the earlier comment that even as a kid, I probably would’ve rather
Watched the “grown-up version”. I was raised in a pretty hardcore CFL environment.

Same here.

It wasn’t something for me when I was a kid, but I read an article today that it was apparently a smashing success last year. They apparently used it for the first time in the Bears-Saints game last year and it looks like they will continue to use it going forward.

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It was the NY Jets vs Miami late in '79 or '80 on NBC...

The only announcing was the stadium announcer at the Orange Bowl that day.

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only thing that drew me to football was friends saying, lets play football.


I just liked hitting people and being praised for it

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