Is this some sort of a joke?

Ok, I had to register for the Bills games in Toronto just to see what info I would receive via email. Here's a part of a message I just received:

"Thanks for registering! And congratulations! You are now part of a select group of football fans who will be among the first to receive details on upcoming NFL Games in Toronto. When the Buffalo Bills take to the field at Rogers Centre, we know you'll want to be there for every thrill-packed, high-voltage, roof-raising game. Ticket and game information will be coming soon - make sure you're ready to take part in the biggest football event in the city's history."

Biggest football event in the city's history? Not to this guy organizers. How about the first Grey Cup game ever played in Toronto at Rosedale field in 1909? Oh, I forgot, the people organizing this event never made it past grade 6 history, I should have known better. What a shame, actually what a disgrace and embarrasement.

CFL gets cast aside once again. I was reading an article the other day (a CBC article, keep in mind) that said the Red Wings' 17-year streak of making the playoffs was the longest in pro sports. Eh.

You and I may consider this a joke, but get used to the reality of having the NFL in your backyard.

It gets so bad that you will think advertising and publicity are their main product, with football being a sideline.

I predict that this is only the start. By the time they play a agame, you and I will be sick of the stories poured out by their publicity machine.

But, will it pay off for them? You better believe it! It’s worked before, and it will again. There are enough idiots who are wooed by the glitz and glamour they will claim to represent.

Yup, you're right Wilf. But why not have more class rather than saying something as ridiculous as "the biggest football event...", it does no justice to the great football history that Toronto has had. I don't care if a billion people turned up at the RC and paid a billion dollars per ticket, the fact is that the seeds of football in North America were started by the British who played rugby and introduced this to Harvard in the matches of 1874-75 and Canada developed football along with the US and the first Grey Cup is something for sure the Americans took note of etc.

Anyways, I'm not going to get too upset about this any more than I am other than it is all a big media thing and money grab, forget about Canadian history and football history etc. Arrrrrrghh.... :x

Earl, you suggest that using the phrase "the biggest football event" shows no 'class'.

You know that's exactly what the NFL could care less about. They are not after your dollar or mine. They are fishing for Joe Public who is willing to spend his money on what he perceives to be the 'popular' thing to do.
Again, these games will be promoted as 'Events', something you won't want to miss because everybody who matters will be there.
It's a phony sell, but if it pays off.......

did you email them back and say,"Are you guys classless fools?"

"Last year's Grey Cup will be more spectacular"

"Next time you jack-@$$es email me, do me a favour and stop treating me like some naive punk. This is Canada, where our citizens dont act like lame brained cattle that are ready to believe everything some idiot with a neck tie tells us!"

---- that's what I would tell them

I did email them back Thryllin and more or less mentioned to them what you say.

If i'm wrong....i'm wrong! But, mark this day down for here is my prediction.

NoFunLeague football will be a failure in Toronto.

Just MHO.

geo, I think it will be successful since I’m sure they will end up selling the games individually since they won’t have enough people buying up front for all 5 years at once. An easier sell on a game-by-game basis, each one will sell out easily I think.

Yeah, the biggest football game in the city's history!

Two terrible teams slugging it out in the concrete toilette bowl.