Is this seriously the team we fielded in a Grey Cup year?


Your last paragraph contains a clue to one reason your OL isn't performing well. On passing plays OL have to withstand and control hits. On run plays the get to make the hits.

"He whose only tool is a hammer sees every task as a nail to be driven."


Even if those players only make an NFL practise squad they get $12-14,000 per week. If they make the team as a "rookie"
the 2022 salary is over $700,000 per yr even if the player never gets into a game.

You're using an ancient Chinese proverb to explain Saskatchewan's O-Line problems? Wowzers. Well that's so darned impressive I'm going to try it myself. Here goes nothin'.

During the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD) a wise CFL Riceball Coach once said to his underperforming offensive linemen, "He who run in front of car get tired."

To which one of his wise offensive linemen replied, "And he who run behind car get exhausted."

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That's a good one.

What I was referring to is that Jason Maas is a former quarterback and seems to have a preference for passing over running. That means his O-line spends too much time being a roadblock to pass rushers rather than taking it TO the opponent. I was watching a video the other day and a sports journalist was telling about talking to some kids just getting started in football and he asked one of them what he liked about football. The kid answered, "I get to HIT somebody!" O-linemen may be two or more decades older, but that little kid is still in there somewhere.

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Jason Maas is a terrible OC. When he was in Edmonton their offense looked like what you see in Sask. No ability to make any adjustments..

I think Mass will be gone in the off season.
Granted, the O line is not even close to being mediocre but for sure the position mass fills can be upgraded.

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If I were Fajardo, this off-season BEFORE signing any extension, I would have two non-negotiable demands. Maas be replaced and at least 3 top-quality O-lineman be signed! Last night there were plays where the Elks nearly beat the ball to Fajardo on the snap. Hard to do anything running for your life! If O'Day doesn't have those in place, I'm headed out of here. The Human body can only absorb 40+ or so sacks in a year so many times.


A three-man rush should NEVER be able to consistently pressure a noted they were in his face sometimes almost before he had the ball in his hands


It's tough that Saskatchewan is hosting a year where they're not even in the playoffs, as a Hamilton fan I pray that they make the playoffs and hopefully the Grey Cup because we're hosting next year. I hope that Saskatchewan rebuilds soon because they've always been one of the best supporters in the CFL.


Well the management better smarten up. Because people are getting tired of the lazy attitude around here.

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We need to rebuild our offensive and defensive lines. Our dline has been getting a spanking since before Labour Day

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The D fell apart when that asshat who got the 4 game suspension was finally dumped. Deservedly so I must say to the people who will think I am defending him. But during his 4 games off there was no pass rush and it finally fell right apart once he was finally eventually cut. It's too bad he was such an uncontrollable violent idiot with a mouth


We were also without AC Leonard and Robertson for those games as well.

Lanier was probably a bigger blow than Marino but Marino definitely was very good

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100% agree with both the above comments, about the rebuild of both lines. Personally I am torn about the direction to go. Not sure blowing it all up and re-starting is the way to go. LBs are great, DBs are okay, RBs (really prefer Hickson), Canadian content receivers are very good, as are Lanier and Robertson and obviously Alford. I'd prob keep Dan Clark (mostly for leadership), and Ferland (maybe because he's young) + Richardson (potential?)...but the remainder of the team needs upgrading. Coaching.... I was totally wrong a couple years ago....Maas should be let go (wouldn't mind seeing Lapo as OC). Torn about the GM and HC...would prob keep them (prob not a popular choice). Although if Steinhauer were to become available, or maybe Pierce, that might sway my decision wrt the HC. But all the calls for Kevin Glenn, DD, etc (with ZERO coaching experience) is absurd! QB...I dunno...seems Fajardo has taken himself out of the equation by his comments...soo...would prefer some experience...maybe Shiltz (?) or Arbuckle?. But for me it is NOT BLM. Just my Humble Opinion.

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Buck Pierce is a solid no-nonsense choice for OC. We used to run two or three trick plays a game under Lapo. We rarely see them now. We're less entertaining but still effective.

I wouldn't be one bit surprised to see Pierce take over from O'Shea within the next decade... unless you guys take that option off the table.

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I would keep O'Day and Dickenson only because they are still under contract BUT they need to be on a tight leash.

Mullinder had a very good analysis on the post game and agree with most of what he said, though I am not sold on needing to blow up the entire offensive line. They certainly need an upgrade at left tackle, but think Ferland and Richardson are serviceable. IMO we need to go hard in free agency to solidify some veteran presence to allow our very young draft choices the ability to develop. You arent pro ready over night especially on the offensive line and absolutely need to be able to work with them on improving strength and technique. Don't think our current oline coach has it.

Also need to look at upgrading secondary.

Free up some cap space by letting Duke walk, let Cody either restructure his contract to incentives based deal or let him walk.

Sign a reciever with speed. Thats one thing thats lacking is a Whitehead/Nic Demski type that can stress defenses.

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We had dempski, but he wasn’t good enough, not for us I guess, What about Jefferson. Something wrong here in riderville, how come these players all leave and win grey cups after, they do.

Dempski is from Winnipeg. He honoured his first contract, with the Riders, as a draftee BUT he was never going to play anywhere but Winnipeg and that was known when he was drafted. Teams often lose Canadians if the players get the opportunity to go home. It had nothing to do with the Riders letting him go.


cannot believe your poor attempts at trolling. Or is it you just don't see or want to see what happens every year with every team and good players. About the only team that weathers these yearly storms long term has been the Stampeders. Even they lose players every year but seem to always remain a top team. The Bombers the past few years have done well too but basically two seasons does not compare to what the Stamps have accomplished since Huff got there