Is this seriously the team we fielded in a Grey Cup year?

These guys are awful. Good grief..

A team made of glass, players who can't play within the rules. Seriously.. this is the best we could do in a Grey Cup year?


We have some problems, that’s for sure., we need a hopson type to straighten this mess out.

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half the team was injured and not dressed the half that dressed had a flu bug actively running thorough the team on the sidelines,,,,not an excuse... actual fact.
Our only hope will be healthy team in the playoffs and finding a few discarded O-linemen from nfl cuts that did NOT make practice rosters...
Just an FYI a player can make much more $$$ on an NFL practice roster than actually a playing starter contract in the CFL...and you wonder why only one team has the locks on a bountiful O and D line every single year up here.

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Yes , I understand all that, it would be nice if they could at least double the salaries all around, they really need to push the marketing . And get more home grown players at different positions, maybe then they could get more American o-linemen up here. More scouting might be an answer to, not sure if they have a scouting system or what connections the riders have in that regard. We’ll see after this flu thing goes by. We got to many players strangling around on injuries to. I mean if a guys injured all the time, maybe their time is up. Not all players have longevity.

I really don't see the Bombers as head and shoulders above the rest. Calgary is coming on playing sound football right now and wouldn't at all be surprised to see them take out Winnipeg in the west final.

Sask does have good talent. The issue is injuries.. I heard last night possibly on the after game show that we've dressed more players than any other team except Edmonton.

This team is cursed imo. Don't know why but that's two games now where an illness has wiped out our entire team.

Oh I meant to ask... how did that shipment of plague infested blankets we sent over a couple of days ago work out? :grinning:


Apparently we caught those blankets at the border but for the second time in three seasons we fell for the old poisoned food ploy...

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As a Rider fan I'm just throwing that game away...with all the cr*p they (Riders) had to deal with this game you could see that train-wreck coming a long ways away. I believe the the LD game was more indicative of how the team can play. As for the Bombers, I'm one that sees them as heads and shoulders above the rest. Good talent, well coached, well prepared and playing like a championship team in all phases. That said, I don't believe they are unbeatable...if not for a couple self inflicted shots to own feet the LD game should have been ours.

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Hmm, I found the restaurant the Riders keep eating at.




Lots of it is just mental alot of the times. In the playoff game last year the Riders had em but let the game slip away. This year in the LDC they gave the game away.

Talent wise we've been there just seem to not get the bounces. Sooner or later that'll even out

True, very true... wasn't too long ago all bounces went Calgary's way..... until they didn't and before that Montreal.
Good to be lucky, lucky to be good.

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It is luck for all else... Extreme skill only for cowtown... Dammit how many times do we gotta be corrected in this factoid

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This past game was always going to be a write off. Injuries, stomach issues... yeah we were in tough.

But what about the rest of the season?
Discipline, O Line, and play calling. Two years in a row. All attribuable to off-field failure or negligence.

GM ODay knew it was a GC hosting year, AND he knew last season that our o line was weak. He literally built everything BUT what he needed. I know Taman trained him, but he still should have learned aomething useful in spite of that. Yes, guys get hurt and good guys get sucked off to the NFL. But that happens to all teams. Other teams can find depth. Is ODay incompetent or lazy? Because he did nothing when he had 2 years to build for this season.

Dickenson needs to put the hammer down. Actually it's too late, he can't. There is no fear of him. A football coach, even a players coach, needs to establish at least a little fear. He doesn't have the leaders in the room to leave accountability to the players. He needs to get back control, which is way harder than keeping it.

Maas... well he's just an idiot who needs to be fired. He doesn’t call according to his players strengths, and tries to force the talent into the system instead of moulding the system to the talent. His run game (when he bothers to call it) is predictable and runs to the opponents strengths instead of exploiting weakness. He's just not up to the job. doubt they thought they had solidified OL with additions of Rodgers and Campbell and Vaughn coming back from injury...fair to say they were WRONG on Rodgers...not sure about Campbell yet. The injury to Clark and inability to keep a consistent OL line-up on field each game has doomed them. Personnel wise they have done well in other areas...LBs (Sankey, Moncrief), DBs (Milligan, Henderson), DL (Robertson and Lanier); RBs (Morrow and HICKSON!), and can't argue with Rec core when HEALTHY (although IMHO Duke has been a bust for what we're paying him) and the pickup of Alford has been aces. So I dunno if I agree with the nay-sayers on the personnel recruitment side.

Discipline, or LACK there-of, cannot be argued. Just brutal and disappointing to see that continue to be an issue.
I've been giving the OC a long leash based on injuries (which I still think has been an issue these last 2 years...and I thought our play calling had improved the last couple games, or maybe its just Hickson standing out significantly. That said I am still p*ssed about the call to pass and not run at the end of the LD game. Like WTF?! Kick the field goal and let your stud defence do what they do (disregard their BB game performance).

I still believe this team has the talent when healthy to compete with the top teams....they just have not been healthy.

Richardson looked promising yesterday at that RT spot. Maybe we need to give him some more game time experience.

We can't hang our hat on Terran Vaughn. He's shown he can't stay healthy.

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They ate at Poulin's? You'd think the Riders would have read all the one-star reviews the mice were giving them.

We have a relatively young offensive line. Present starters have the oldest at 28 the youngest at 23.

People rag on that oline but I guess in reality you have fairly raw guys starting. They have a POTENTIAL to be very good but we are going thru the growing pains

Truth. If they could stay away from injury and gain some consistency game in/out with OLine line-up, might help them a bit.

Bombers had a terrible O line for years before OShea and for a few years after he arrived... as in ask Buck Pierce the former King of Horizontal Quarter Backs.. now it's Cody. The O line is one of the toughest positions to play as those guys have to know the offence playbook and execute "pulls" as well as try and protect the QB.
Receivers usually have a minimal blocking assignment then run their pattern. So it takes time for an O line to jell. Mind you as a Bomber fan who suffered through many Labour Day, Banjo Bowl losses to the Riders.. revenge is so sweet !:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The bombers would have a bad oline too if everyone decided to retire or take NFL opportunities all at once.