Is this rumour true?

I heard a rumour that backup kicker Rob Pikula will be released by the lions due to salary cap? If this is true we need to bring a guy like that to Hamilton, he is canadian and young.

With all the people ben released, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.
But with 4 kickers already on the roster, is he that much better than any of the ones we have now?

His stats from last year played 4 games for BC, punt avg of 48yrs and FG avg 85%.

I checked the roster the other day to discover it includes Kicker Brian Devlin. If you remember, he kicked the game winning field goal to win the Vanier Cup for the Golden Hawks a couple years ago. I played football with him in High School and he never missed a field goal in the three years I played with him, including some high pressure game winners. One came in the final 2 minutes of double overtime to win the Metro Bowl in Toronto. They weren’t short field goals, either. We’re talking 30-40 yarders. In High School. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for him to make it to a pro team

Devlin is almost 29.
Not exactly a young guy to invest in!

does it matter?? kickers are the oldest players in the game. a good majority of nfl kickers r almost in there 40's or r already 40

Might be true .... but the timing would be weird

wally should atleast try to get something for him

I love how people say 'you should atleast try and get something for him'. I think its safe to say he either did or is trying. I remember when Cotton was release people on here were saying 'Marcel should atleast try and get something for him'. Well no one has signed him as of yet so I think its safe to say no one really wants him or want him for the price hes asking.


we don't need another Kicker 4 is Enough

what good is 4 kickers when u only use one?....and if the one they use is the best of the 4, then u NEED another kicker, and cut the rest!

I do not have all of the kicking stats on Rob Pikula but I googled and found a couple of game results from last year.
The game where he was 4-4 kicks were 22,18,24,27 yards.
Next game he was good from 35 and 18 and missed from 30.
The year he was All Canadian in his senior year he was 13-19 for FGs
42-45 on converts.
I would be guessing the CIS was not loaded with great PK guys his senior year.
I do not see any evidence that he would be any better than what we have.

cisballer do you know pikula personally. I haven't heard this rumour.

i dont know f he will come to hamilton. miami needs a kicker but bad. i like what ive seen from boreham and flemnig

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