Is this right?

I didn't see the game. Is it true that Calgary was down 8 and scored a TD with 4 minutes left and didn't go for two to tie it? Please tell me if this is right or not.

If so that is insane! Higgings is an idiot anyway. Remember the fake punt in the snow at the end of the first half deep in his own end in the playoff game in Saskatchewan? That cost him the playoff game as his job as head coach.

Yes its true but he has always claimed he will never go for 2 with more than 3 minutes left in the game

Boy I'd hate to have him as my coach. Throwing games away like that.

Well you think Kent Austin should have declined the holding call the other day as well.
There was nothing wrong with Higgins not going for two points with 4 and a half minutes left in the game.

he didn't throw anything away you guys..


its called playing the odds.

No I didn't say that Austin should have, I thought I was clear that I didn't think he should. I am just saying that he COULD have. This would have ended the contraversial holding call. That is the point I was making.

Oh. You were making a point?
Sorry, I didn't realize.
Don't you have some obscure thread from 2003 to salvage....?

Well we can all have our opinion

We certainly can.

why the hell would Austin Decline that??

are you insane?

Well read my other post, the one titled "everyone seems to be forgetting" or something, it explains that logically. I wouldn't do it, but it would have made sense to not send his boys out there for OT since the game didn't mean anything for his team. He has to play the full 60 minutes, but why send his guys out to potentially get hurt in OT. He could have declined the flag and ended the game.

Nobody is forgetting anything.
You say you wouldn't do it?
Well other than yourself, nobody else even thought of it.
Maybe the Riders should have just forfeited the game. I wouldn't do it, but then nobody gets hurt, right?
It can't be explained logically and it makes no sense.
Nothing wrong with posting crazy talk if you want, just expect people to understand it for what it is--crazy talk...

You can never think about anyone's opinions but your own eh Arius? If Arius has something to say, well then no one else can be right! ARIUS is NEVER wrong!

It was just an idea worth discussing. No one is suggesting anyone forfeiting the game, now you're just being silly Arius. You're making yourself look bad by clearing suggesting something you know is rediculous. I clearly never said anything about that.

What I was saying is that Austin should have tried hard to win the game for the full 60 minutes, as his team needs to play that. But some people would have declined the holding call and not gone to overtime rather that force his guys back out for more after an already tough game since the game meant nothing in the standings. And as a bonus if this had happened we wouldn't be having the big argument over the validity of the holding call.

No, what I am saying is that your suggestion that they decline the penalty is just as silly as forfeiting the game would have been.
You’re suggesting something that is completely ridiculous, so I just suggested something equally ridiculous.
Declining the penalty at the stage you suggest IS choosing to forfeit.
No coach on the planet has ever even considered, nor will they ever consider doing what you suggest.

I’m not saying that over a beer, talking football you can’t put forth strange and wacky suggestions.
I’m just saying that trying to defend them past that point doesn’t have much merit.
I think given that on this thread you attacked Higgins decision not to go for two and calling that choice “insane” tells us where you are at.
Not going for two is likely what most coaches in the same position would have done, and forfeiting a game to “avoid” injuries in overtime is a choice no coach would ever make.

You wanted to discuss your ideas.
Okay, I discussed them.
I don’t agree with them.
Sorry if you anticipated the only “discussion” would find your ideas to be solid.

I do give you props for creativity.

I wonder, sammyj, do you remember last year when Wally Buono decided to go for a punt single in OT against the Riders? It was unsuccessful and was questioned for making that decision. Coaches will always calls like that, they will look like geniuses if they are successful and look idiotic when the play they call fails. Your suggestion that Austin decline the penalty is just moronic at best, how would he justify making that kind of a decision to his players and to the Rider fans? He plays to win, as he should, as any coach should. Declining that penalty and give the Esks the win would be the same thing as the Pens coach Michel Therrien asking Sidney Crosby to score on his own goalie so the other team wins the game!

Sammyj did you fall off the wagon again? You should really try hard to quite your drinking problem it just gets you in trouble. Listen to your mom for a change. LOL

I agree that declining the penalty would have been dumb. Not only for the team, but for Austin personally. Everyone would have been talking about that, and wondering about Austin's ability as a long-term coach. You always play to win.

Just food for thought, had Higgins gone for the 2 points and was successful and the nothing game was tied, then the Stamps would risk players getting injured in the shootout. I think Higgins made the right call and went for the win or nothing, then get the players off the field.