Is this right? (schedual problem)

Hey. Hows it going? I was looking at next years schedual trying to find out when, besides Labor Day, my favorite team, the Eskies played in Calgary (I’m only a couple hours away from calgary and will have a very busy summer until college starts up again). is this right? besides preseason, Labor Day is the only time this year Edmonton goes to Calgary? I don’t think thats right. It will be very hard (like every year) to get tix for Labor Day. It is almost impossible, plus I can’t make it anyways. So unless I go to Edmonton or Regina for that matter (witch isn’t happening- way too busy), i’m out of luck if I want to see my beloved Eskimos? That sucks. I don’t think it’s ever been like this before.

Edmonton went to Calgary twice last year, so it's only fair that they come to Edmonton twice this year.

it happens every so often.. there's a schedule rotation.. 4 games against 1 opponent 3 games against 2 opponents. and then 2 games against each team in the Other Division..