Is this guy out in left field?

This is an article on ticket and food prices across the league

He claims that a beer in Mtl is 5.75
Soft drink 2.50
Hot dog 2.50...

In reality a beer is 9.50 Coke is 4.50 and a dog is about 4.50

How far off base is he everywhere else

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Not every football club responded to a request for information
The info came from the teams. If Montreal sent him the wrong prices, that's their fault.

Clearly, this man should be killed for his misdeeds

Maybe…but if if not every team responded( Maybe Montreal didnt)
Where did he get his prices?

He also says that Hamilton has the most expensive cheap seats at 67.25

Hamilton’s web site says the cheapest seats are 33.50

Anyway is he more accurate with the other venues?

As for ticket prices, Ottawa has by far the cheapest seats right now.
He says Hamilton’s cheap seats are also the country’s most expensive, at $67.25?? Not true, cheapest at $33.50 and if you buy Bronze tickets using a Scotia card you get 50% off so that's around $27

He only has concession prices from five teams, those are likely the five that responded.

Ticket prices? Those could have just come from the team websites, since every team lets you buy tickets online. I have no idea where some of those prices are coming from.

it says that the article is written by a Gail Johnson,so perhaps Gail is a female ? perhaps maybe CFLGAIL ? :lol: :roll:

According to the Ticats website I’m looking at, ticket prices are $33.50 for Green/Yellow; $43.50 for Red; $53.50 for Bronze…and so on. Not sure where Gail got $67.50 for the cheapest Ticat ticket? I know the $33 seats cost only $24 if you bought seasons tickets in Hamilton…not exactly going to break the bank. A epic fail for Gail! :oops:

Bloggers are the worst possible source of information on the internet. Most of his/her numbers are inaccurate. Beer hasn't been five bucks in Montreal in over 10 years and the highest priced tickets are $183 bucks, not $121. $28 dollars isn't a SEAT its general admission in the end zone. Then there is the whole issue that 75 percent of ticket buyers buy them as season ticket package.

Huh?? I just posted that above, I also pointed out that if you guy a Bronze ticket and use a Scotia card you get 50% off!