Is this game being played in South Africa?

What is with the constant vuvuzela-like droning that I'm listening to throughout this game? Reminds me of the world cup a couple years back.

I know what your saying. I find it annoying. But as a stamps fan, im excited anytime the croud will get into it.

my thoughts exactly. it's kind of annoying.

I thought those where outlawed at games? It is annoying, do you want to hear that during each and every game in the CFL? I'm sending a note to the Riders to provide 30,000 of those to the next Rider game. The loudest stadium in the CFL will be unbearable to watch or play at .... :twisted:

Good idea. The Riders are already unbearable to watch, you may as well go for the trifecta. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Granted the game was a blow-out, but I bailed in the 4th quarter (in part) because of that loud, annoying “hum” throughout the contest. I am sure I wasn’t the only one. It’s not going to help TV ratings.

They need to ban those damn things from the stadium.

...perhaps annoying to watch from the comfort of your living room, totally fun in the stadium though...a local garbage removal company sponsored it, handing out 4,000 of the horns to folks walking into the stadium....they were red (of course) so as you can imagine not very many rider fans choose to take one, haha, too bad for them...

...fair-is-fair though, I heard for the rematch on October 21st there will be a similar parking lot give-away, all rider fans will be issued these:

I noticed that too and was surprised, for it sounded like a typical soccer match in Latin America and was missing just the toilet paper and streamers for the field.

Even better I think than Red and White's recommendation is apparently something called the pooter, for it is more discrete yet apparently far more effective than the whoopee cushion:

been to mosiac for LDC, Canadinns is x2 louder.

It doesnt always have to be a contest between the rider fans and the bomber fans.

CFL noise rule:

"In the event that the home team permits in its stadium the use of either electronic
equipment or high volume loudspeakers when the visiting team is attempting to put
the ball in play, with the result that the game is delayed, the home team shall be
subject to penalty for delay of game."

Unless it's an electronic vuvuzela, no problem. I kind of liked it but then I'm there cheering for the Stamps. My only problem was, I didn't get there early enough to get one.

Try watching it on TV. It's horrible. The mute button is the only thing that makes it tolerable.

And yet BB fans tell me the opposite. Certainly on the TV the Rider games are louder.

At the BB games, your seats are probably right beside the loud speakers they use to pipe in noise when the opposition O is on the field. Same thing they do in BC and Edmonton. 8)

that's just your opinion.

and it's only been 1 season since the Bombers have been selling all their seats for the stadium.

tell ya what, Nick since you are blinded by your Bomber bias.

how about in a few years, if the Bombers suddenly fall off the face of the earth and go 5-13 or 6-12 and miss the playoffs..

let's see how LOUD it becomes in their NEW stadium!? how many seats are sold.

will they sell out every game when they only win 6 games???

based on their past.. I would say no.

Correction, in Edmonton the announcer needs to remind their fans to get up and cheer…

I can’t recall how many games i’ve been to here at Commonwealth where the announcer talks and asks the crowd to make some noise!..

don’t hear that in Regina do you?

Another decent thread turns into a pi$$ing contest between fans. awesome.

I think this was a neat idea. Calgary is not exactly the loudest stadium to play in. defintely added something thats for sure. I think those horns would be rad in Toronto. big and empty. might echo a bit. would be rad. I really had no issue with the horns on TV. Maybe at the stadium it was annoying. hopefully people keep bringing them,

i hated them and turned off the game early because of them.

I turned it off early also, but it had nothing to do with the annoying noise, more an annoying team effort by one of them. :lol:

i couldnt turn it off! i watched it again last night. Hated that play when rambo didnt go for the ball. that crap. if your not going ot try, put in one of the Fresh Canadians who want to play and get touchdowns.