Is This Casey Team comeing out of camp

Is This Casey Team comeing out of camp ( I Hope It Is) But is there going to be a compation for the number one spot (There shouldn't be) But why is there all This Hype over a back up ?

Yes it is. I can't see anything that would cause Casey not to be the #1 when the season starts unless aliens abducted him or something :wink: As for the backup hype, it is essential to have a good backup. We've seriously lacked depth at the QB position for years now and if Casey gets hurt or struggles we need to know we've got someone who can come in and get the job done. Look at Winnipeg last year when Glenn went down. They lost the GC because they didn't have a backup with the necessary skill and experience.

Ken Peters Said Obie is looking for a #3 QB.
There Happy with Casey at 1 and Ritchie at 2
I think Chang is toast..

I rather Have porter at #3 Then Leak due to his Size. 5'10 to 6'5 All most a Full Ft in Height.

As far as quarterback height being a major criteria,consider Doug Flutie, Ron Lancaster,Jeff Garcia,Joe Theisman(sp).Taller doesn't mean better or even good.I'd take a Billie Kilmer over a Vince Ferragoma(sp) everytime.All of these smaller quarterbacks did one thing very well. They won!Chris Leak is a proven winner from a major program.You would be a fool not to give him every opportunity to make the team better.
Pat Lynch(the old short guy in section 7)

I dont think Ive heard of a better year for quarterbacks for the ticats this year. There is so much talent!!! Ofcourse Printers #1, Williams #2 and maybe leak in at # 3??

Right now leak is Full of Question Marks
Can he Lean the Canadian Game?
How Long is the deal did He sign?
Is his arm Strong Enough for Bigger Field.?
Can he Adjust to the 20 Sec Clock and the Speed of the CFL.

If the Answer is not Yes to all 4 .
Porter is #3.

Leak will then be add to Practice Roster

Indeed. In the CFL, being able to move the pocket, attack the line of scrimmage with mobility, and have the arm strength to compensate for a lack of "QB height" are more valued aspects than in the NFL.

Now even the more pylonesque Danny Mac is/was only 6'0"...Tom Clements was a little smaller if I recall. It's not as big an issue even if your QB is shorter in Canada since the shotgun formation is used far more on a per play scrimmaged basis.

Can he make plays? <<< the main criterion! In Printers's case, that is a no-brainer. Other factors will determine how successful he is in Tigertown now that he has the chance to get a full camp under his belt.

Oski Wee Wee,