Is this Bob Young's fault?

I don't think this would be in Bob's area and maybe there was a time factor with the organizers wanting the inductees to say a speech like they did rather than use this time for a parade, whoopdeedo, around the field in a friggin car. Next someone will be accusing Bob of causing the Hamilton harbour to be polluted I bet:

"Although the loss the Ticats suffered on Saturday night was very upsetting, it pales in comparison to the sad treatment given to the CFL's new Hall of Fame inductees, especialy Hamilton's own Rocco Romano.

I can remember the spectacle of seeing the new inductees being paraded around the stadium in classic automobiles as a band played on the field.

The fact that the game was billed the "Hall of Fame Game" did nothing to celebreate the careers of these great players, aside from a couple of words on the microphone at half-time.

Bob Young has done a great job with the Cats so far, but in regard to honouring the league's past elite, he fumbled the ball on this one."

  • Mike Dziuba, Hamilton

Letter to the Editor, Hamilton Spectator, Sept. 20, 2007

Honouring the HOF inductess should be the league's responsibility.

That would be the salient point. :wink:



That movie did give "he bit the biscuit" a whole new meaning. LOL

i miss the parade around the stadium with the hall of famers, rob and mike, ticat wall of fame inductees and danny mac tommorrow. ever since ticatvision came along they've done away with the parade of stars

The honourees were inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, NOT The Canadian Football League Hall of Fame.

There is a difference. (I don't believe there is a CFLHOF)

The fact that that the HOF chooses to celebrate the inductees at a CFL game is their choice. Yes, the Ti-Cats should do something to honour the inductees (since they use it as a marketing tool to sell tickets), but it is NOT the responsibility of the CFL to do something.

Occassionally, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame might want to take the HOF game to McMaster. Or a PeeWee game, or a Midget game.

Just an idea.

The Bassman


I like that idea catfan4life about taking the game, or the ceremony if you will, to a CIS game or whatever. But still a CFL game has the most audience and TV exposure. Maybe the players could be introduced as well at a CIS game or junior game along with the HOF CFL game.

Thanks Earl,

I have my moments ...

The Bassman


I get that, but it is a CFL game where except for Tuffy Knight, all the inductees were...CFL PLAYERS! LOL

I understand the dstinction, but the league ought to step it up, given that it is the highest-level football league in the country.

I'm not arguing a Canton-style affair necessarily. Just something at the Hall of Fame Game halftime that trumps the distribution, say, of steak knives. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I think its a shame what little coverage the inductees get. TSN should be there doing the interviews at the half and it should be broadcast live instead of hearing the bloody panel talking during the half. It's the Hall of Fame! There's no bigger honour for these players.

I bet the long time fans of these players would like to see them on TV again. Why should someone in Winnipeg not get to see Greg Battle just because the ceremony is in Hamilton?

I remember when Edmonton honoured the dynasty teams that won 5 Cups in a row, Hamilton happened to be playing in Edmonton that night, and I watched the halftime specifically to see Warren Moon and the boys being honoured. However, TSN didn't show any of it. They just did their normal half time thing blah blah blah. Meanwhile I was cursing at the TV because I wanted to see this special occassion.

The CFL needs to give its Hall of Fame inductees more exposure, it's a shame the way they are basically treated as an afterthought.

My apologies for bringing up a week old thread but us hunt & peck posters need to alot a certain lentgh of time for posting, besides we never seem to have as much to say after a win as a loss so now seems like a good enough time.

The original letter writer does his best to make it sound like the entire induction is condensed down to a 15 minute briefing on the sidelines at a game when nothing could be further from the truth.
There's the bust unveiling at the hall which is usually quite well attended, gets fans all the direct contact with the inductees they could possibly want and I've yet to see a year pass where the event isn't covered by local sports and news shows. A clip and brief segment is about as much as most leagues seem to do for any induction. A couple hours at the Hall with the inductees right beside you for considerably less than it costs to go to a game. That's one option.

Then there's the dinner which again puts the inductees, as many CFL celebrities as anyone's ever seen at one time and the fans all together for 4-5 hours of videos, speeches, presentations, and plenty of shmoozing for all.
The dinner and unveiling
both draw a considerable amount of fans from the cities being represented by the inductees and while it can be a little cost prohibitive for some, it's still another opportunity to get as up close and personal with the inductees as you'd want.

I'd suggest that just these two events show that the league and the hall both treat the Hall of Famers with consederably more respect than an afterthought or the disribution of steak knives. If TV viewers are upset that they didn't get to see the event at halftime then I'd suggest your problem is with TSN's coverage and not the league or team.

Personally for the stadium presentation I prefer the way it's done now over the past because I can see the man making the speech on the tigervision, and it allows the guys way more time to say a few words to fans and family.
In the past speeches were limited to a very quick "thanks" (or no speech at all) then hurry up and get in the car the players are on their way back out.

I have photos from at least a 1/2 dozen hall of fame games and in all you can see players walking onto the field amongst the vehicles.

IMO a bit more speech time and a good view of inductees for everyone on the scoreboard far outweighs the drive around, which was great for the front row photogs but stunk for those up at the back wall.

Next year it's TSN's TV baby, right?

Take an extra 10-20 minutes, allow for a brief video presentation for each player, give then a couple of minutes at least to speak to the crowd, and parade them off the field to cheers. It isn't rocket science and it can be tastefully done. They now have about 350 days to ensure that next year's halftime presentation fits the event.

Station Mosca and Zambiasi with baseball bats at the dressing room doors in case any player wants to rain on the party prematurely. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The CFL and TSN can get it done, make it happen. The Hall of Fame will on its end.

Oski Wee Wee,