is this authentic?

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just wondering if this jersey is authentic and if it is what year is it from? thanks.

it a Replica Jersey

thats what i meant, but what year is it? and thank you.

late 70's early 80's

looks very cheaply made ,cant be worth much !

From the photo it looks like the numbers are like a thin rubber type of product as opposed to actual numbers that are sewn on, so I would be concerned about the numbers coming off in the wash over time.

concerning that #10 jersey-don’t worry about the numbers being heat pressed on, not all teams had sewn on numbers-in fact, going back that far, i’m not sure any teams had sewn on numbers. as for someone suggesting the numbers falling off in the wash, i wouldn’t be concerned about that either because the material those #'s were made from were made to stand up to the test of being washed.all that being said, i don’t think the jersey is game worn if that’s what you’re looking for. it looks like one of those jerseys you could buy at the stadium on gameday.
it could be dated to the late '80’s, ask the seller what name is on the back-heck it might even be todd dillon’s name on the back.

city legend

What size is it? Remember years ago when the opening game of the season, the numbers were falling off the jerseys. I'm guessing 1965 or 66? What an embarrassment for the team!! :roll:

Where can I can see the jerseys worn through the years? I think I have a gamer, but I am not sure: it’s made by Sand-Knit, with quite a few team repairs. It’s a great jersey, I’d like to know who wore and when. Thanks for any help. [/img]