Is this Austin's Pivotal Year?

The key to championship-winning team in Montreal? I think it had a lot to do with what we as TiCats are needing… A STRONG OFFENSIVE LINE THAT ALLOWS QB TO HAVE A GOOD LOOK, have a Tims coffee and donut before throwing.
Yes Calvilho was a good quarterback but without that O-line he had, they wouldn’t have seen the success they did.

Calvillo's talents complemented the offensive line. His quick read /quick release capability required the line to hold their blocks for a relatively short count. Most of the time the ball was gone before a strong pass rush could disrupt Calvillo. Trestman's offense maximized Calvillo's skills and Popp sourced the players that could execute the quick read/quick release passing offense. Championships ensued and the rest is history

Collaros has a relatively slow release - the Alouettes' former offensive line would not be as successful playing in front of Collaros in my opinion.

Successfully owning and operating a winning sports franchise requires a different knowledge base and skills compared to being a successful computer geek.

Unless Bob Young is brain dead, this past CFL season must have been a huge wake-up call for him. In only its THIRD season, not only does Ottawa win a Grey Cup, but it does so while being led by a future Hall of Fame quarterback who Austin/Tillman gave up on and who, with smart coaching and support, went on a win a Grey Cup, be named league MOP and Grey Cup MVP. In addition, Burris was assisted by a few other key REDBLACKS' players who Austin/Tillman failed to hold on to.

Meanwhile, poor Bob remains Cupless.

Let's stop talking as if the Redblacks are the greatest team that ever was! They played well in GC and got pretty lucky. Should have lost if not for the over- confidence of Stamps and the goal line play in reg time.

The Redblacks won. And that is all that matters.

I don't think Bob Young's business background is an impediment to success as the owner of the Ticats. Some owners are successful with a sports industry background, others aren't. Some owners with no sports industry background have quite a bit of success, others don't. Larry Ryckman turned around a flailing Stampeders franchise with no sports experience. David Bradley saved three CFL teams. The first was the Ticats, and he wasn't a sports owner before that I believe. Mike Ilitch did ok owning the Red Wings and Tigers, and he was in the pizza business. Jeff Hunt in Ottawa has done well, he owned the 67s hockey team. And Bob Wettenhall had a piece of the Patriots once upon a time. I think it can go either way.

I'm very glad Bob Young owns the Ticats. He's intelligent, committed, hires smart, capable people, and he's invested a lot in the enterprise. I would not denigrate his experience in any way.

Well said Steve! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old Caretaker fan)

If what you state is true, then my earlier post must also be true. I repeat... the Grey Cup win by Ottawa last season had to be a huge reality check for Bob Young. He believes he has hired "smart, capable people" and he's definitely invested a lot in the enterprise. And yet Bob watches as, in only three years, Ottawa wins a Grey Cup, and to add insult to injury, they do so while being led by a future Hall of Fame quarterback, who his "smart, capable people" gave up on. That same quarterback, with astute coaching and support, went on to win a Grey Cup, be named the league's Most Outstanding Player and also the Grey Cup Most Valuable Player. Some other key Ottawa players who greatly contributed to the Grey Cup winning season were also once on Hamilton's roster.

Meanwhile, after some 15 years owning the Tiger-Cats and pouring money into this organization, Bob Young remains Cupless. If he's paying attention at all, Bob must be asking himself some very pointed questions.

If what you state is true, then it is pointless for Ticat fans to hope for success as long as the team is owned by a computer geek whose background and experience, not involving any previous sports ownership, do not give him the necessary knowledge or skills.

I don’t share your assessment of his qualifications for his role.

I’m sure he asks himself every year what he should do to make the franchise more successful. If he thinks he should change the senior management, no doubt he’ll do so.

Why do you assume that Bob is incapable of acquiring the knowledge required to own a successful, winning sports franchise? Surely he has learned a lot in the fifteen or so years he has owned the team.

I didn't state that Bob was not qualified for the role. I simply stated that last season must have given him cause to reassess.

If it gets to that point, I hope he will have the courage of his convictions.

It does matter that's why he still has a job but if he has another year like last year I think he'll be gone

I don't assume he can't learn. I don't doubt that he has, and will continue to.

You didn't simply say last season must have given him cause to reassess. You also referred to him as a computer geek, and suggested that experience doesn't give him the knowledge base or skills to be a successful sports team owner. I don't agree. I think that previous sports team ownership may or may not lead to success.

He has changed management at the Ticats more than once before, so if it gets to that point, I'm sure he will do so again. Past experience indicates he is not reluctant to act on his convictions in that regard. If anything, the fact he has not done so recently suggests he doesn't think it is a good move. I trust his judgment.

“It does matter that’s why he still has a job but if he has another year like last year I think he’ll be gone”

In his first season here, Kent was displaced from the stadium, have his players change and transport from the office to the practice field, taking considerable time from practice.

His new coaching staff included a DC with little experience in the job (Orlondo Steinhauer).

Home games were at two different university playing fields, one as far away as Guelph for a year and a half.

Then the PAN-AM games took away home dates after that.

He’s lost his starting quarterback (Zach Collaros) for parts of two seasons, including an eastern final.

Extensive injury lists. Most hard hit, the Oline, secondary and receiving corps.

There isn’t another coach in this league who has had to endure all this and still accomplish what Kent Austin has.

Donnez à Austin un quart-arrière capable qui réussit à rester en santé, et il peut mener son équipe loin. Son problème a été que tous les morceaux n'ont jamais été en place en même temps. Tantôt c'était la défensive, tantôt la ligne offensive, tantôt il a perdu son quart-arrière. Tout ça se comprend et ne fait pas en soi d'Austin un mauvais entraîneur-chef. J'ai au contraire beaucoup de respect sur la façon dont il a redressé les choses pour cette équipe.

Mais un moment donné, on peut se demander quand il réussira à justement mettre tous ces morceaux en place et les faire fonctionner tous ensemble. À mesure que les saisons passeront sans que ça n'arrive, il y aura inévitablement des questions à son sujet. Tant que le temps avance, il se rapproche du moment où ce sera "maintenant ou jamais".

Every year is pivotal to Austin. There is a huge ego under that smirk half smile and this season will be no different. However, Austin was disappointed with last year's outcome. Injuries aside, Austin and company realize in a small league with a salary cap, there is parody. I look for a more balanced attack and much consistent play.

Every team has injuries the rest didn't happen last year another year like last and he'll be done.everyone called the Als a train wreck and they had the same record

There is absolutely no doubt that KA is one of the best in league. We would be idiots to even consider getting rid of him.

36 and 36 regular season
4 and 4 playoffs
That is a pretty good sample size and it points to mediocrity. It also seems to be going down hill. Last year the Ticats lost to Toronto, Saskatchewan and Montreal--all past labour day.

We all wanted Kent to be great but so far he hasn't been.

The pressure on Austin is mounting and he is running out of excuses. He has been relieved of his GM duties to concentrate on coaching and he has made Collaros the highest paid quarterback in the league.

Considering the talent he's had to work with and the money that has been thrown at this team, Austin and the team have underperformed in my opinion.

Stats don't lie how's the weather?