Is this Austin's Pivotal Year?

With the Dynamic Do-Overs running things in TO now, does this put more pressure on Coach Austin? If the boys down the road should have a more successful season this year would the whispers of change begin? I personally don't think he could put more pressure on himself or else he'd literally explode. And, I like almost all the moves being made thus far. It just got a lot more interesting, and that in itself is a good thing. :smiley:

Hopefully not, if we even considered getting rid of him i'd be so mad. I dont forget how many HC's we've been through in the new millenium, and I know how many come in highly touted and just flop. Austins done better with this team than anybody since Lancaster. Back to back grey cup appearances and never once out of the playoffs.

Agreed. Can't argue with results. That being said, the ultimate measure is winning it all. Who out there who's available would do better than Austin?

Tillman taking over the GM duties seems much more obvious this year, this will lighten the huge workload that Austin had in previous seasons and let him concentrate more on the "on Field" aspects and much less on Contracts.
We should remember that Austin had more than a few doctors appointments last season!
IMHO there will be absolutely no pressure from Caretaker or Scott Mitchell on Austin, all pressure will come from Austin's own intense competitive self.

Je pense mĂȘme qu'au contraire, il y aura moins de pression sur Austin cette saison. L'Ă©quipe sera bĂątie avec des joueurs que Tillman aura Ă©tĂ© chercher, et si elle ne performe pas autant que celles qu'Austin a montĂ©es, il y aura davantage de questions Ă  se poser Ă  propos de Tillman qu'Ă  propos d'Austin.

Une question de plus me travaille. Maintenant que Trestman et Popp sont confirmĂ©s Ă  Toronto, que fera Condell dans cette Ă©quipe? Trestman n'a pas exactement besoin d'un "conseiller" pour monter une attaque. Marcus Brady a Ă©tĂ© son dernier coordonnateur Ă  l'attaque dans la LCF et je doute qu'il le rĂ©trograde Ă  un autre poste. Trestman a adorĂ© travailler avec lui depuis son arrivĂ©e dans la LCF, et il pĂȘche parfois par excĂšs de loyautĂ©.

Google translate of Lestaf's comments:

"I think that on the contrary, there will be less pressure on Austin this season. The team will be built with players that Tillman has been looking for, and if it does not perform as well as the ones that Austin has mounted, there will be more questions to ask about Tillman than about Austin.

One more question that I have - Now that Trestman and Popp are confirmed in Toronto, what will Condell do in this team? Trestman does not exactly need an "advisor" to mount an offense. Marcus Brady was his last offensive coordinator in the CFL and I doubt he will demote him to another position. Trestman has enjoyed working with him since his arrival in the CFL, and he sometimes over values loyalty."

(Not sure if I have this exactly right - open to suggestions on the translation)

The Condell question was on my mind too. Where does he fit in?

I think Condell is the farthest thing from Popp's and Trestmans concerns, Condell has no history with Popp or Trestman or with any players on the team other than Dyakowski and Matthews!
Matthews is a very distant 4th QB in their pecking order and if Dyakowski is a starting Olineman in July then Ray will get destroyed.
Unless Copeland was stupid enough to sign Condell long term ... Oh wait! :wink:

The answer to your question depends on how desperate Bob Young becomes in his quest to buy a Grey Cup. How much longer will he duped into throwing money at this team when prompted by the management group and still remain Cup-less?

The Argonauts' new brain trust are a proven, championship-winning team. My advice to Bob Young is the following:


Condell was brought in as a consultant only. I doubt there's any guarantee that he'd be given any kind of coaching position on the team. You're right gcf - he has no history with either Popp or Trestman - or the Argos for that matter.

I don't agree. You're missing the key piece in Popp/Trestman championships which is the mighty Anthony Calvillo.

Since then Trestman has had less than mediocre success in the NFL and Popp ran the CFL Circus.

Their new collaboration with the Argos has no guarantee of success.

Austin has been a 500 coach running the ticat organization he's made all football decisions up to now.I think if this year goes sour like last year he'll be on the bubble 5years is enough

Every year there has been an uncontrollable obstacle to success with Austin in command.
Stadium issues/road games in Guelph, and injuries beyond a reasonable amount.
Coming into this season lets hope the injury bug doesn't bite us again and there are no excuses to not be back on top.

When you run the ball as infrequently as the Cats do, you're increasing the risk of QB injury. It's like storing gasoline inside your house and then acting surprised when the place burns down.

Grover, as usual, makes a very good point regarding Austin and hospital visits. The job of coaching is stressful enough without the added burden of general manager. Eric Tillman is excellent at the job, therefore one less worry for Kent. I believe that Kent and the Cats are in for a very good year.

As for my advice to Bob Young, I wouldn't presume to tell him to watch, pay attention, and learn(in capital letters). The man is a highly successful business man who didn't get to where he is by being less capable than his competition. :roll:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

We all know Austin's track record;

'13 - win East final in Toronto, advance to Grey Cup
'14 - win East final at home, advance to Grey Cup
'15 - lose East final in Ottawa
'16 - lose semi-final at home
'17 - ?

Could argue player injuries, player trades, coaching changes through the last 4 seasons have impacted success, but it's difficult to have a blind-faith attitude of Coach Austin.

And I guess making it to the cup in his first two years and the playoffs after that, once with his backup quarterback shouldn't matter.

And Ottawa won the grey cup with less than a 500 record.

Compare the attendance figures of the two over the last few years. Even moving to BMO field did not cheer up their situation. They even bungled the selling of Grey cup tickets this last time around.

They waited a ridiculous amount of time to dispose of a long problematic GM.

They took on Popp, who in his last five years could not find an adequate coach and players, let alone a real starting quarterback. And yes, a horrible head coach.

Oh yeah....that bunch in Toronto could really teach us a lot....

I don’t know about that. Really Trestman has the choice between Condell or Brady who turned down Trestman’s offer of OC in Montreal to take the same job from Milanovich.

Who would you pick ?

Good point! Condell also has intimate knowledge of Austin's Offence and Collaros' tendencies. :frowning:

The key to championship-winning team in Montreal? I think it had a lot to do with what we as TiCats are needing...... A STRONG OFFENSIVE LINE THAT ALLOWS QB TO HAVE A GOOD LOOK