Is this a team or what?

Watching tonights game the thing in my opinion that stood out most was that it was a total team effort. Yes Cobb was great but when we needed a momentum builder or a minor miracle (goal line stance) there was always someone ready to step up. Great game guys!!

Arland Bruce must be thinking.........." holy crap!....look what I stumbled across!......a TEAM! " :slight_smile:

It was tremendous to see the offensive, defensive and special team units all making strong contributions to the victory tonight. A team victory indeed.

Just wanted to add a couple of observations. Jamall Johnson is shaping up as one of the team leaders on the field. He had 10 tackles, 1 quarterback sack and a forced fumble tonight. In 4 games, he already has 34 tackles. Great work by Jamall so far.

And a tip of the helmet also goes out to Jordan Matechuk, an unsung team player who did all of the long snapping tonight in the absence of Matt Robichaud. The fact that he went unnoticed throughout the game means he did his job well.


Bang on!

8) Exactly, and Arlund did nothing to contribute to our big victory, despite what all the rah rah experts had predicted !!!
  Anyone else notice the small chorus of boos everytime Bruce came on the field  ????

  It was very noticeable, to say the least  !!!!

   A lot of longtime, knowedgeable fans are certainly not enraptured with this guy for sure  !!!

I'd like to give a big thumbs up to Dylan Barker for an excellent game on special teams. Not only to he force the fumble Beveridge picked up, but he made a number of very nice special teams tackles. :rockin:

Was it booing? Or was it people yelling "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!"


The few times he lined up isolated to one side, he drew the safety over everytime and Porter always went the other way successfully. Don't underestimatre his presence on the field.

It was BRUUUUUUUCEEEEEEEEE trust me. Everyone in the stands was dying to watch this guy play. And your pretty stupid for laughing at fans because he didn't contribute, because 1- he returned kickoffs 2- he returned punts 3- when on offense took presssure off the other receivers because they double covered Bruce. All that on one days practice, that's a win for Bruce IMO. And why the hell are we critisizing our star receiver? We didn't lose, and he didn't cost us the game or anything.

Easy now. No name calling because someone sees something differently.

In Box J...there was a good mix of Bruce and boos.

Let's get serious. He was a complete non-factor in his 3 returns.

He was a non-factor in the receiving end of things as well. He attracted mild attention on his half a dozen plays from scrimmage.

By this logic, Baumann did a great job as well because he attracted coverage and they only threw to him once.

I enjoy a good lovefest but lets stop drinking the Kool-Aid for a few weeks okay?


The safety does not cheat over to Bauman. The B.C. safety was definately worried about Bruce in a cover 1 situation. It was apparent.

Where the safety goes has a lot to do with what the QB sees and does.

Well again, in his limited number of plays, AB3 didn't change the outcome.


Who said he did?

Anyone who thought Bruce was going to get more than just spot duties tonight was dreaming. I don't think you can be inserted that quickly into the lineup, and know the offense well enough. Not when we have healthy receivers who are doing just fine.

He will get more chances next week after he learns the playbook more.

Going back to the thread's title, looks like we could have a pretty good team this year, and I suspect they still have more upside to show yet. Certainly off to a good start, let's hope they stay healthy and continue to improve. We have what appears to be some stiffer competition in the coming weeks. Should be a real test to see where we really stand. Right now, second place in the East looks like a real good possibility.


Bruce did more for us than Mace will be doing for the Argos :lol:

I find it seriously PATHETIC and just downright anti TC that ANYONE would find glee in smugly posting that AB had a bad game as a Tiger Cat. If you boo'd him. .SHAME on you, if you BRUUUUUCED him, Thank you. Some people need to get their heads out of their collective asses and support him. He is a TiCat now, and he did NOTHING to hurt the Cats in any way shape or form. He was a small factor in a complete Ticat win tonight, but it was a TEAM win and Arland Bruce is part of this TEAM.

GROW UP for crying out loud!!!

8) Thanks Captain, but I just consider the source as to who made that comment !!!
  The resident football expert  !!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Agreed. Bruce got the duties he deserved last night. His real audition fot the skeptics will be in a week's time.

Mike Kelly seems to be starting a quarterback today in the same situation.

There does seem to be a collective difference with the Cats this year. There were a couple times last night when previous teams would have coughed up the loss.

Every Time EB was on Field BC was Respecting Him with Double Coverage..
That Gave us Single else where he Did his Job..