is this a good risk??

Given that it is a humdinger, I think what Durant said was fairly calm. This has disaster written all over it, and like I said, if Ken can sell this, give him the coach of the year award right now.

Don't envy his challenge for a minute. We wish Ken well :expressionless:

He hasn't learned the offense in TO in seven years, so I'm going to say no to the first one.
No to the second.
I am sure he had a plan--not a good plan, but a plan nonetheless!
I don't know, but he better be hurt or ET's plan looks even worse....

My view on what are very pertinent questions:

  1. I don't think that would be reasonable to expect of anyone, especially at the qb position. If he starts on Labour Day, then I will be as critical/cynical as Arius (until he wins the game, if he wins it!! - I can be bought out by success!!).

  2. I wish I knew because I think that is key - if he is, he should start and each game he wins, he keeps Bishop off the field, imho. Austin, do you have any inside info on this?

  3. No one on this site can say with authority - any other comment would be speculation. According to jm02 in another thread, she heard an interview of Tillman as evidence that this was somewhat premeditated in that discussions started before the Edm game.

  4. Again, don't know. Austin, can you call Tony??

No way Bishop can start this week.

And realistically Durant should be starting if Crandell is turfed.

DD is our future, that is a given, maybe it has become painfully clear to the coaching staff that we need a help at receiver. I can see Bishop making a journey too BC through Winnipeg,and in the process we get our receiver

So, we get Bishop from Toronto to give to Winnipeg, who in turn sends him to BC ???
. . . Then we end up with a receiver ???

:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|

Which receiver do we end with in that intricate web of transfers ?

Yesterday, I heard I didn't believe it....

Yes,i know, it's a brilliant theory.
An inter division trade of a QB can be bad karma, thus the move to Winnipeg, whom has an overabundance of receivers.
Winnipeg needs help on D,and I believe JJ has a busted up hand in BC....Even if JJ is a-ok BC still needs QB help

Still a week go to until the game, until I hear anything from Tillman or Miller about who is the starter I'm not going to take much from an emotional interview from Durant.

So Crandell is gone for sure?

From what I hear . . . as for sure as an assumption can be.

Clermont is argueably one of the CFL's best receivers (Slot or not), that would be one hell of a trade.

Especially considering Clermont just signed a new contract before the last season ended.

i think Crandell for clermont would be an amazing trade. did you hear anything about getting clermont?

No way on earth Wally gives us Clermont for Crandell.

Is this how mountains get made out of molehills? That game "telephone" come to mind? This thread is getting so far-fetched in its very short life that a pulitzer prize-winning fictional novelist couldn't have thought this up. Please, everyone get real.

Wally will not be giving the riders anything!

I agree.

well I think marcus had his chance and the way he looked the last 2 games so in come mb it just seems that marcus doesn't have the stuff to lead as for the clip with dd he stated he was told that mb is starting well did the coaches say last week he is most probable back for the banjo bowlin the peg the week after this to let his ribs heal proper