is this a good risk??

just listened to Durant on riderzone.
He is pissed that he was told Bishop is number 1 and the departure of Crandell.

He mentioned his contract expires at end of year.

link or trolling. If you can't provide the former (or something to corroberate your statements), I will assume this is the latter.

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here it is legalbeagle

it was on the 6 o'clock news i just saw it as well..things didn't seem overly positive and DD said he will see what happens after the season. Hopefully things work out and this doesn't completely blow things up.

If this trade results in Bishop being our #1, and Durant leaving, f this, i will give up on this game. Clearly Crandell wasn't getting things done but what the **** did Durant do to create doubt in anyones mind he can't get it done. He went out and he proved it. And now if Bishop comes in and takes his spot i cant blame durant if he wants out because thats complete BS. I feel bad for Crandell (although it had to happen) and Durant (whose getting screwed over by the sounds of it).

If the demise of one player makes you give up on the game, good riddance.

Ok so thats when i first heard about this and was ticked, so i exaggerated :stuck_out_tongue:. Anyways its not just hte desmise of 1 player. It's the retarded stuff the "staff" does. Ok Crandell is gone thats life he did his time he had his run. but then screwing over Durant, i mean i think most people here agree that he won the starting job while he played? plain and simple, and to bring in Bishop, and say "hes the guy" i dont get it?

This is pathetic.

Nicely said jm02.

But I would apply those comments to Durant as well. He needs to realize that this will happen over and over again throughout his career.

When is Durant healthy enough to play again?

Thanks for the link. Glad it's not trolling (not glad about what I heard though).

I'll give DD kudos for being frank, but not sure about the attitude. He has a right to be peaved - who wouldn't be - but he ought to be the team player that his mentor (Crandall) has been all these years. He could have said something like "bring it on - I welcome the competition and the coaches will see that I am the better qb. I'm going to continue to work to EARN the starting spot., etc.", at least or particularly to the media. He should have stuck to his first "no comment".

I was (and still am) looking forward to DD starting (he may not have parlayed to the media exactly what was said to him by coaches/management) but he's gotta put team before himself and his mentor.

well he has been practising so maybe labour day? if not for sure the banjo bowl id assume

Until Miller or Tillman say that Bishop is the #1 guy PUBLICLY, this is nothing but conjecture. Durant is likely running on emotion right now. It's no secret he was buds with Crandell - he's even said Crandell was a great tutor to him. Messages get mixed all the time - moreso when you've been dealt a blow you weren't expecting. It isn't unreasonable to think Bishop is the guy FOR NOW, until Durant is healthy enough to start...based on all the emphasis on team play, I can't see Miller appointing Bishop as the starter when he hasn't even taken a snap in practice with the team.

Let's wait for an official announcement before we start bailing.


Can Bishop learn an offence in a week ?

Is Durant healthy enough to start ?

Did Tillman have a plan before the trade or did it by impulse because the chance was there ?

What is the status of Jyles ?

In one of the video clips I saw today (can't recall which one - sorry), Tillman stated that he had been talking with the Argos last week about Bishop, prior to the Edmonton game...chances are he didn't like what he saw two weeks in a row, and decided to pull the trigger yesterday...

Lots of emotion flying around right now, but cooler heads will eventually prevail.
ET has stated, "We are in the production business." and this potent message has been sent out loud and clear too the entire team by bringing in Bishop.......It's unfortunate about Crandell, but i think this was one heck of a wakeup call for the players

I think what DD said is pretty understandable. He HAS put the team first all year. when he went out and had success on the field, he repeatedly said, "this is Marcus' team". Now on the turn of a dime, it apparently isn't Marcus' team...and it isn't his either? this stuff does not bode well. First really big challenge for Ken Miller. If he can sell this to the players, great. But this type of thing can tear a team apart in a hurry. Biggest mistake Roy Shivers ever made was bringing Henry Burris back in 2003. The team suffered then and the next year and cost us Kevin Glenn. Let's hope for a better outcome here.

so true deflated.

i just hope Bishop is a team player.
Durant and Bishop is one hell of a 1,2 punch
and this other statement is a rumour thus i dont believe it, on the winnipeg forum their talking bishop to winnipeg for a receiver.

Didnt this happen with Glenn

We sent to toronto then they sent him to winnipeg

I have heard that rumour as well--not from the winnipeg forum--a little closer to home.
Stupidity will as stupidity does, but here is why that makes little sense. We gave TO nothing for Bishop. If Winnipeg is willing to part with a quality receiver for him, why not deal directly with the Argos, who just happen to need a quality receiver. Add in the fact that Kevin Glenn is twice the player Bishop is, and that just seems ridiculous....which is why it might be true....

Not saying he hasn’t put the team first up to now, but the duty to do so doesn’t stop even when a humdinger like this goes down.

As for tearing a team apart in a hurry, you are right that it can happen. But is it the move of a GM trying to improve the team in a weak position (ask any non-Rider fan where Sask’s weakness is and I suspect that they will tell you it’s qb, even ahead of receivers after all the injuries) or is it attitude and public comments like ones Darian stated that do so? Probably a combination of both - but it can’t be hung just on the GM (don’t think even Mike would say that Tillman was not honestly trying to improve the team with this move … whether he, in fact, is succeeding to do so with this move is another question!).