Is there Western bias with the Officials against the East?

I was thinking of the call on Lawrence. The one on Grant was a bit iffy, especially given that it was called by the official behind him. He did turn to that official first, so maybe he said something objectionable before running after the official that he thought should have called PI.

I agree that these are two possible theories. 2 is true of last night’s game, but doesn’t explain some of the calls and non-calls and 1, although at times it looks like it, is pretty preposterous. I have always struggled with explaining some of the lopsided officiating that often occurs in games where the refs call everything and anything that looks remotely like a penalty against one team and lets almost everything go for the other. Clearly individual bias’s enter into it but wouldn’t explain the behaviour of whole officiating crews.I often wonder whether team colours or uniform design tends to attract the officials vision more than others. I know it sounds far fetched but it might be worth some post-grad in psychology doing a study

OK, I’ll add two more possibilities for the forum’s consideration:

  1. Biases exist among fans. If there are three questionable calls (or non-calls) that go your team’s way, and three questionable calls (or non-calls) that work against you, many fans will forget about the former and dwell on the latter as evidence of unfairness. It’s human nature.

  2. The quality of CFL refereeing is less than perfect. Maybe a lot less than perfect. That doesn’t necessarily mean bias or conspiracy against one team. It means a lot of bad calls that leave fans everywhere with a bad taste in their mouths - unless their team wins, in which case no one remembers the officiating.

I don’t necessarily believe that there is a bias, although it seems that there are more calls on the weaker teams (similar to the best MLB pitchers having a more generous strike zone).

I think it is something FAR worse: the CFL officials are simply incompetent. :thdn:

Really? You’re blaming the fans’ dislike of calls against their favourite teams on those fans’ biases? That’s crazy talk.

Give me a few days and I might come around. But for now, the wounds are still too fresh.

To paraphrase Stephen Colbert: reality has a bias against the CFL East division.

The league has told the players this year that lobbying for PI calls would result in Objectionable Conduct penalties.
So iffy or not, they’re emphasizing that and the players should know better.

They were inside their own 5 yard line on 3rd down and lined up to punt and maybe give up the safety.
The “they don’t get it” was a reference to the fact that given the time situation, they could run out the clock by taking a knee. In the confusion they ended up calling timeout, and eventually had to kind of run a drawn-out kneeldown to make sure the clock ran out.

Fair enough. I hadn’t heard about this.

Grant has a habit of complaining to the officials about PI non-calls, so hopefully this penalty gets his attention and he changes his ways.

Thanks for the explanation JFL. Other than the reference by Drew (in a Tweet during/after the game?), I had not heard anything further and wondered what the comment was about.

I thought it seemed a rather unusual, and “cutting”, comment to make.

Wasn’t that the play where the referee called to the timekeeper to reset the game clock to 46 seconds? TSN had 20 or so seconds on their clock. I have no idea what the game clock was set to.

Or am I thinking of a different play? (Or possibly a different game even?)

The clock reset thing was last night.
Lefevour was sacked on 2nd down with 0:46 left.
With no clock on the screen you can hear the ref blow his whistle to start the clock for 3rd down.
Eventually we see the TSN clock ticking down at 0:34, 0:33 etc…
Clock continues down to 0:20 when the refs stop play and the Ticats in no hurry (play clock should have expired at 0:26).
In the background the play clock is at 6 seconds.
So the play was stopped because the play clock had been started several seconds too late.
(This explanation contingent on the TSN clock being accurate, which it rarely is.)

The “they don’t get it” I’m pretty sure was the Calgary game.

Ottawa gets hosed again twice. Once on a defensive pass interference on an interception that was somehow confirmed ( even Suitor and Cuthberd said there was none). Second was no call in endzone where Ottawa gets penalty for complaining. Ottawa can't appeal for pass interference because there was less than 3 minutes left. There should have been at least a booth review.

You can challenge for pass interference under 3 minutes, but I’m guessing that because of the objectionable conduct penalty they decided it wasn’t worth it.

of course there is a western bias. the league is afraid of an all eastern grey cup and has mandated the refs to make sure this does not happen.

Now Beswick has teed off on the ref’s

From Drew Edwards

[b]Marc Beswick is a man of few words but after Friday night’s loss he didn’t mince them.

A seven-year Canadian Football League veteran, Beswick teed off on referee Kim Murphy and his crew after the Ticats were penalized 15 times for 130 yards during their 36-29 defeat at the hands of the B.C. Lions. By comparison, the home side was flagged seven times for 77 yards.

“That game was not refereed fairly and I don’t care if they fine me. I care about the game being fair,” Beswick said. "If you don’t believe me, watch the film. “You can put that in there, I don’t give a (expletive).”

It was an uncharacteristic outburst from a respected Canadian player who makes his impact through exceptional special-teams play and veteran leadership. The 31-year-old is in his sixth season with the Ticats and has served team captain for the past three years.

But Hamilton is now the most-penalized team in the CFL with 89 infractions — the next closest is Ottawa at 78 — and this latest performance comes after a week in which head coach Kent Austin and his staff made discipline a priority.

“We’ve addressed it as diligently as we know how. I’ve addressed it with each individual coach. I’ve told the players that they need to keep each other accountable, it just can’t come from us,” Austin said. “We have a lot of young guys who are playing, but we can’t come here and let them extend drives, especially with objectionable conduct stuff. That stuff is just really selfish.”

The Ticats were called for objectionable conduct twice on Friday, including one against linebacker Simoni Lawrence, who was flagged in the third quarter after protesting another penalty too vehemently for Murphy’s liking.

“That was real selfish. Even if you think it was a horrible call, you need to keep your mouth shut,” Lawrence said. “The refs aren’t good up here and you have to understand that. You can’t make it close.”

While penalties were certainly a factor in the loss, there were other issues as well. Centre Mike Filer snapped the ball early on two occasions, both times when the Ticats were within striking distance of the end zone. Hamilton converted one of those opportunities into a field goal while being forced to punt on the other.

While Austin pinned the errors on Filer, quarterback Dan LeFevour said there were other issues at play. The Ticats did not appear to be using a silent count until after Filer’s second misfire.

“The crowd was definitely a factor. We cleaned it up towards the end, but we need to be more prepared and I need to do a better job of being more vocal,” LeFevour said.[/b]

Maybe I don’t need that tin foil hat after all. :wink:

I’m sorry to tee-off myself & I’m sure my comments will not curry me any favour on the board … But are you kidding me Marc Beswick?

You’re supposed to be a leader. A veteran. A special teams ace. A captain.

Yet 5 “No Yards” penalties in six games? You’ve played in this league for 7 years! All you do is play special teams. You should know the rules by now! Since I see you haven’t taken any face-masking or horse collar tackle penalties … nor holding or clipping or illegal blocks … It seems the only issue you have is the “No Yards” rule. Which you’ve played with professionally for 7 years as well as another 4 in CIS!

Take a look in the mirror #3 rather than looking at the referees! You’re tied for the second most penalize player on the roster while only playing special teams!

Be a leader. Take responsibility for your play. Play & speak like a veteran. Earn your captaincy.

I’m a Beswick fan & think he’s been a very unheralded member of the team & undervalued contributor, but those comments struck a cord with me … Play the game! Play within the rules! Take accountability! Stop whining!

You called the officials out Mr. Beswick … I’m calling you out! Play up to your contract extension. Stop getting penalties. Act like a Captain & a veteran & a leader!

Good point, Fenderguy.

Inconsistent or incompetent officiating whatever you want to call it is a CFL wide problem just ask anyone who has ever been flagged. :slight_smile: