Is there Western bias with the Officials against the East?

Man with Ken Murphy crew especially, it certainly looks like it,

Every losing team has fans that thinks the ref's are in the tank for them...

The East is simply full of mediocre,underperforming teams....There is no conspiracy here...

They were brutal in the game in Ottawa last week when Sask. was in town. And after that non pass interference call in the endzone in the B,C, - Hamilton game, I don't know.

That was the worse non pi call ever, the ref was right there!

:thup: :thup:

They certainly didn't miss calling PI on the Ticats defenders! :frowning:

For the over 50 years I've been watching the CFL there has always appeared to be some officiating bias in favour of western teams. The degree of bias varies from time to time. Although it may just be that some teams are favoured and some are disliked and it's just that the majority of the preferred teams are in the West. There was a period of years when the Esks could do no wrong and it seemed any team that played them was almost penalized for just being on the field. And the other extreme is your Ti-cats who I think have always been hated by the Refs. Tonight's game probably being a good example of that. Sure the cats deserved a chunk of those calls but a lot were pretty bogus and BC was getting away with murder. The non PI call was unbelievable. That Ref should be fired or severely penalized by the league as it was a case of either gross bias or amazing incompetence. And just so you know, I'm a westerner living in Calgary and cheering for the Stamps.

Murphy is from the Hamilton/Burlington area. To me it seems he calls a lot of penalties against Hamilton so it doesn't look like he is biased for his hometown team.

Didn't even specify what play, and everyone knew which one...brutal.
Agreed, the ref should be disciplined.

Seems like we have two distinct possibilities here:

  1. There is a massive, decades-long conspiracy and cover-up in the CFL to unduly punish the Ticats (and possibly certain other teams), and tilt the competitive balance, for no apparent reason. The league and many (or all?) of its officials are actively undermining the most vulnerable teams, even though the potential demise of those teams due to the declining support of frustrated fans could spell the end of the CFL itself. The conspirators are all so committed to the cause that no one has ever leaked the plot to the media or others.


  1. The Ticats have some undisciplined players who take more than their share of foolish and/or selfish penalties.

I think we all know that #2 is preposterous and stretches the bounds of believability. Who volunteers to collect proof of #1 and break this story wide open?

(Note: I still need to figure out how this conspiracy can co-exist with the other well-known league-mandated conspiracy to send Ricky Ray to the Argos so that they’d be assured of winning the 100th Grey Cup. I’m working on it.)

Beautifully said, ExPat.

This nefarious conspiracy against the Ticats stuff has been rampant for years. It's never been anything but silliness.

Let me see if I understand you. You do not believe in the grassy knoll, UFOs or that Elvis is alive? C'mon, get real guys.

An Argo-Cat fan

I would still like to know what was behind a comment Ref Foxcroft was heard to say over an open mic (I believe at at the end of the half, may have been the Calgary game, as reported by Drew Edwards at the time).

Something to the affect "These guys just don't get it." (Referring to the TiCats)

I raised the question and asked for clarification in Drew's Scratching Post blog at the time but he never responds to questions.

It does seem called and/or uncalled penalties are lopsided and sometimes questionable (ie, the uncalled head shots on various TiCats).

Listen nothing beats winning as a team and the Tiger-Cats haven't learned to play a full 60 minutes yet and with back up QB's, we miss having a starter and leader for sure but LeFevour is getting there, still young.

It doesn't help when the Cats take stupid penalties, Yes agreed the CFL Ref's of Ken Murphy and crew did some brutal calls but that's to be expected with CFL refs, I have said that all along and for many years now that CFL ref's stink in general but as I'm always reminded by other fans and the Caretaker they are only human and only paid to do a job,but they are all trained professionals, which is No excuse for complete stupidity when a ref is standing right there on the spot of an interference call on Banks and does nothing, or when one of our players is drilled with a head shot like on Collaros by Odell Willis of Edmonton and the Ref is there no call, Frankly the league should fine the ref and maybe if more refs were fined for bad calls it may get cleaned up but than again CFL Ref's are so bad that there might not be any CFL ref's left anymore?

Grant gets an objectionable conduct penalty for complaining after he thought there should be a PI. Glen complains for one and no penalty. The pass was even completed.

A lot of the penalties by the Cats were deserved, others were marginal and some I have no idea because TSN didn't Replay them either. Because they didn't get it on film or they couldn't see what the ref was talking about.

flags are ridiculous in general now, who votes on this crap?? seriously deciding to make it a penalty for lobbying for a pi or for celebrating a first down by making the first down gesture, you cant have any emotion on the field just stand up and walk back to the huddle. nice job trying to appeal to the newer generation its insane when there's no fun to be had.

Don’t blame the Refs This is just Bad Coaching in the EAST

The Cats are brutal at self discipline. That last PI call when B.C. was driving to eat up the clock cost us any chance at getting the ball back and having a shot at scoring. One player prevented the entire team from having a chance. Brutal!

There were a couple bad calls that went our way too. Example, Fantuz was nowhere near the ball where they picked up that grounding flag. By picking up the flag, it left us in range to kick a 52 yard field goal. If Austin had gone for it, it would have been a 3 point gift from the refs.

Grant got that penalty for continuing to complain to the official after the official told him twice to back away.

If that was the penalty on BC, Taylor, who made the first down and the gesture, wasn't the one penalized; it was against Arceneaux. In one of the replays, Arceneaux can be seen saying something to one of the Ticat players and giving him a bit of a bump. That might have been what the penalty was for - or more likely for something not caught by the camera.

I do have a problem with the two PI calls against us where the BC receiver ran straight into the Ticat DB, but the DB got called for a slight grab - and I'm not sure there was even a grab on the first one. And the RTP call? No idea why that one was called, as it wasn't late, high, or low.

There is no doubt that the Breaux-driving-the-receiver-out-of-bounds things happen...but the Collaros and Fantuz head shots with no calls make me does the no-PI (though there have been a couple of those around the league).

Last night, LeFevour got hit about as hard and about as late as Glenn did on Bulcke's RTP penalty...with the referee looking directly at the QB as he should...and no call. Now, Glenn acted like an Italian soccer player that someone blew on while running, and went down hard, rolled around, stayed down...LeFevour jumped up like nothing happened...

It is not unknown that biases confirm what is expected on the field, and my big fear is that we are getting the rep as a heavily-penalized team, so, you gotta call penalties on us...and these kinds of decisions can result in different standards being applied based on your expectations...I'm concerned...