Is there still pick up football going on?

I remeber a few seasons ago a few guys would get togther for some touch football. I lived up in Peterborough then, but now I am closer.

Who is in?


I would like to play if we can get a game together.

The touch football game took place on last Friday at IWS.

pick up football?

isn't that what the ticats are doing.

new players all the time?

I got 3 things to say about touch football.



And give it to me???

Seriously, I'm in....

Well then, I think we need to get this thing going.


Can anyone suggest a decent field? I would like to do it on Sunday afternoon or maybe in the evening mid week.

mohwak sports park has feilds but they lock them up so you would have 2 use the rugby feild. Sherwood Secondary has a decent feild to. But what time would it be and could anyone take part in it?

I'm in!

Last time we did it, it was at resevoir park on Sunday mornings at 10:00am, we had a good turnout for a few weeks... upwards of 10 people.

It was fun, we should get it going again.

I'd play

Where is resevoir park?

Hee hee hee what about that practice field at Mac? :wink:

Just at the foot of the mountain off aberdeen


sorry to say guys… but Sherwood is use don tuesday nights and saturdays for touch football league. sorry for the disappointment on Sherwood guys :frowning:

Hey all I need is dead end street. :thup: :wink:

we could use the soccer fields at mhsp or use teh Sherwood feild on sundays

but we hav to have anuf people to participate in it.

Hey all I need is 3 people to have a good time playing football.

Count me in...

I should warn you though...I once scored four touchdowns in a high school football game!

Ok Al Bundy.... :lol: