Is there still a chance?

(I am a long time reader and a first time poster.)

Now that some changes are starting to occur does anyone feel that there might still be a chance to salvage the season. Now I know that when you are 2 and 9 you shouldn't even be thinking of "what if" scenerios but I am just throwing this out there to change the typical postings that we have been constantly reading. The 2 teams that we are fighting with to make the playoffs (looking at current standings) are Toronto and Edmonton. Our next four games are against Toronto and Edmonton. Lancaster must make the players forget about the past, and start fresh right now approaching each of the next four games as must win situations. If we sweep the four games our record would be 6 and 9=12pts.

Toronto, after playing Hamilton, plays Calgary in a back to back series. If they split that series with Calgary their record would be 6 and 8 (taking into consideration the games they lose to Hamilton) for a total of 12pts with one game in hand on Hamilton.

Now Edmonton. They also play Calgary in the next two games, so even if they split those two games and Hamilton manages to take the two games from them their record would be 4 and 9 for 8pts after 13 games. But according to the crossover they cannot finish tied with an East team they must finish ahead in pts.

I know I should be dreaming of small things like first downs or points scored before I dream about the playoffs, but these next four games truly are the season for the Cats. Hopefully, the Cats continue to try to make changes that will better this team, and the players respond with some of their best efforts of the season in the next four games.

I say the odds are 100- 1 Chance the Make the playoffs..

Odds on Hell Frezeing over 60-1

That is funny Onknight and you probably are correct. I am just trying to justify the drive from Niagara to use my season tickets, so I want to believe that with some changes we might still have a little hope.

If anything it's worth the drive just to see what taunts and signs the fans will think of next. Heck I feel like Randy Quaid in the movie major league, cept the Cats aren't getting better!

Anyways, it's a real hoot regardless of the stuff on the field, reminds me of the New Orleans Aints!


Yup. That is funny.
Now we will see if its Pao Pao or the players. But I agree...this team can kiss the playoffs g'bye for this year.

it is not is maas....u will all see, just as u found out it was not marshall.

drummer_god, weren't you one of the folks who was calling for Marshall's head? Paopao was DEFINITELY part of the problem. His offensive scheme was miserably put together, and he was generally just a bad coach. Maas is having problems making the deep ball... so he too is part of the problem. I would say it's a 50/50 sort of deal.

i think that there is still a chance, the argos arent to far ahead, and besides we could still crossover

BC or Sask would have to self-destruct in a hurry, and I don't think Calgary could.

That's the only way you could get a crossover to the West.