Is there something Dickenson HASN'T hurt yet?

Good grief. Just two weeks into training camp and Dave has already mangled his finger and had his foot stepped on.

What's next???

I keep praying he'll play the entire 18 games this year... but his luck is terrible. Next thing you know, he'll be putting ice on his left butt cheek from sitting on a tack.

Maybe thats his injury for the year! Get it over with early! Now he can remain healthy for the next 21 straight games in a row including Grey Cup! :wink:

I guess you dont expect them to finish in first?

Was my math out???? 21 games left.....1 Pre-season, 18 regular season, 1 play off and the Grey Cup game.

The dude is fearless…, thats why he gets hurt so much. He’s willing to get smoked by a 300 lbs. lineman to make a play. :roll: