Is there some joke I missed?

I didn't manage to catch the beginning of the games last night so I don't know if I missed the joke.

:thdn: Who dresses Matt and Chris before a broadcast? I know that I've worn suits that are a little out of date, but at least my suits fit. It looked like Matt picked up his suit off the rack at "Tacky-Is-Us". Chris looked like he borrowed the worst suit in Randorf's collection it was so tight, besides being downright ugly. I mean it was stretched so tight that the lapels just touched and looked for all the world like a Superman crest.

Once again - Who dresses these guys?

And that hair! I can't imagine who would give them 'dos like that. And that makeup! They're on TV for heaven's sake! You'd think they were working a football game for crying out loud!

....the reason Matts suits look a little tight is probably due to all the extra eating he's doing on his Food Network show...Grilling with Matt...or something like for Chris....i think he picked up a value-village special... :wink:

Jay Onrait found Schultz's purse before the SC update :o

I think TSN has a new policy on dressing. It started with Darren D.....all the males have to wear suits that are to tight. They think it will make them look bigger and fitter and buffed.

But imo it makes them look stupid.

I believe their wardrobes are supplied by some company so I guess they dress them ,maybe contact them. I know sportscenters are so Im assuming its the same they say it at the end of the show I believe.