Is there going to be meet the team at Gage Park this year???

Could someone tell me if there is going to be a meet the ticats BBQ at Gage Park
I enjoy it ever year that has happened
but as of yet i have not heard anything about it.

I was wanted to know this thanks for asking

From what I've heard there is no Gage Park Meet The Team Day planned for this year. I think Christa was largely responsible for that day in the past, and she no lonjger works for the Tiger Cats. I hope I'm wrong about the BBQ, but that's what I heard.

That's REALLY disappointing!!! I loved going to that!!!!

The annual Meet the Ticats event at Gage Park was becoming a great way to informally kick off the new football season. It would indeed be disappointing if this new tradition was to fall by the wayside.

The player cutdown date is 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, June 10, 2006. Seeing that the first game of the regular season is not until June 17, 2006, there is still some time left for the Ticat organization to arrange a Meet The Ticats event at Gage Park on the afternoon of Sunday, June 11, 2006.

It would be good if someone from the Ticat organization can officially confirm whether this event will be happening this year.

I did enjoy it last year but will admit I'd rather see something on the first regular season game like a name band playing in Brian T stadium or something like that before the game.

Did we ever get an official confirmation that this Meet the team at Gage Park is not happening? I have not heard anything either so I would assume no but so far it appears we are just speculating.

You'd kinda think there's be an announcement if there WAS, wouldn't ya?

I belive this was a Tigers Lair thing put on by the tigers Lair and not the ticats but I could be wrong, I'm pretty sure this isn't happening this year but I could be wrong!! cheers

There would have been an announcement by now had a Meet The Ticats event been planned for Gage Park prior to the opening of the regular season.